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  1. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Wanted, GT glow badge Perspex panel.

    yeah wanting to have my lens remade perfectly, i know others will be highly interested if i succeed
  2. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Wanted, GT glow badge Perspex panel.

    i literally have that on the car, you reuse your Oem perspex panel, only mines fucked, i need a clear one.
  3. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Wanted, GT glow badge Perspex panel.

    Image supplied by @Jay needing a clear perspex lens for the EP82 gt glow badge. OR a perfect OR near perfect non working glow badge.
  4. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    EP82 TRD Short shifter vs C's Short shifter

    Unpopular opinion here, but in comparison to other makes and models of cars around World in the 90's ( mainly subaru's ) Compared to the starlet's, The stock Shifter is amazingly good,Very direct and notchy, i do not imagine much more improvement could be had, apart from new OE parts, But then...
  5. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Throttle Pos, sensor,

    i will preface by saying i can wire fine, just need to be 100% sure on the below info. just bought this as despite my starlet having a haltech 1000 installed, it retained the stock TPS which...
  6. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    1996 Glanza V Breaking

    Fun Fact, most starlets on the planet have rust to some degree, Very Few locations are suitable, australia being the perfect location to keep a starlet alive
  7. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Post your engine failure!

    see, my (4efte) engine never actually Failed at all. It really should have, But Despite 400 thousand kilometres, several sensors and wiring missing, Dash Fried to bits, Blown Ct9 turbo and cracked manifold with ( EPA installed / compliant ) Destroyed catalytic converter, and 74mm pistons in a...
  8. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT


    i prefer the mk1 "zenki" headlights for a few reasons, besides looking great, they are significantly cheaper
  9. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    New house :)

    Lucky fucker. getting a house here is as good as winning the lottery for me. its very expensive, and our household doesnt earn a great deal
  10. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Ep82 enter your make etc here and you can find a few types.
  11. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Gt turbo

    Jay can calculate the total number of cars manufactured, but apart from that, It has been 30 years since most were made. A Large percentage are heavily tracked, parted, and OR Crashed in ditches, ( ireland had its recession that would have ruined plenty with buyback schemes) so i could easily...
  12. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Ep82 Parts needed.

    best you can get is EP91 door handles, which can fit if you modify the car slightly, i have some in storage
  13. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    air maf sensor

    yeah pretty much, some cars get lifter tick as they could be dirty OR have not enough oil around them, EVO's suffer from this greatly granted, its nothing overly major
  14. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    TPS sensor issue

    mind pasting the part number visible in that image? that will help determine what i am missing, But also, i believe its the Vacuum Fuel Solenoid, basically A very simple re-circulation system for Fuel vapor For emissions compliance. this system can largely be deleted While maintaining the...
  15. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Ep82 Door lock Possible substitute.

    a photo will still help massively!
  16. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    TPS sensor issue

    Alas My vehicle Lacks AC as a previous owner thought it was a good idea to remove it, the only part i know of on my car in that area is the Fuel Vapor cannister Pointed to in this photo. it helps burn off Excess vapor.
  17. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    TPS sensor issue

    assuming i read that correctly, you said "what is the role of the IDLE up valve" Feel free to correct me if i have been mistaken. If i recall correctly, a common failure point on GT 4efte engines is the Manifold Air Idle control system, this often gets Blocked By oil and debris/dust, if...
  18. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Ep82 Parts needed.

    A growing list of parts I require. Thanks for helping if you do :) Ep82 Rear Glow panel. one that does not work is fine. its to repair my current light. Needs to have a mint Perspex main cover / great condition GT green sticker inside it. reconditioned ones that look good will also work...
  19. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    Ep82 Door lock Possible substitute.

    Right so i have possibly found a subsititute for the discontinued ep82 RH side door lock. much like the left side, you cannot buy the originals anymore. can anyone upload a real life photo of said lock to confirm? best i could find is blurry despite actually trying to buy that item from that...
  20. WhiteOverGoldMK1GT

    toy tuning liquidation

    Crazy to think of the history of some people huh? i even watched his starlet videos, fuck its what has kept me going knowing i havent had my car for so long, him along with a few others such as MightyCarMods And even Juicebox, are what made me want a starlet to begin with also, sorry for the...