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    Connecting rod wanted

    Anyone selling a connecting rod for a glanza pls pm
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    Abs light code 47

    Just checked the paperclip way it's coming up as 4 long flashes 7 short flashes ‍♂️
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    Lsd gearbox

    Anyone with a lsd gearbox for sale
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    Abs light code 47

    With a launch diagnostic machine
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    Abs light code 47

    The code is 47 also says (u332f) in brackets
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    Abs light code 47

    I'll double check
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    Abs light code 47

    Hi there, I've got the abs light come on after I converted my auto glanza v to manual Thanks
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    Facelift glanza cluster

    After a facelift model speedo cluster Thanks
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    Ep82 gearbox

    After a gearbox for my glanza
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    glanza 96 shocks

    I am after a set of std suspension for my 96 glanza let me know what you have Thanks