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  1. sx_turbo

    FMIC comparisons - King thread

    If I ever owned a starlet again, I'd get the Sacha kit fmic, exhaust, turbo kit. Top quality and reliable components. All are proven aswell, and from previous dealings reasonably priced.
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    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    My brother came round today, first time we seen each other over Xmas, and he got me a starlet model as a present, It's made by Hi-Story It's very impressive, the interior detail is very good, the correct seats dash and steering wheel etc, even the Speedo...
  3. sx_turbo

    Scrapped block? Need 75.5mm bore 4EFE?

    the block can always be sleeved, bore it out to 75/75.5mm, fit a sleeve, and fit standard 74mm pistons
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    Bloody waterpumps!!!!!!

    quality is perception, something can look good on the outside but still be bad internally. blueprint are still a good brand, however since being purchased by the bilstein group the quality has taken a slight dip, Blueprint do NOT make any of their own products, all items are sourced overseas...
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    Bloody waterpumps!!!!!!

    Aisin make them for toyota, other top notch brands are GRAF , magnetti marelli, hepu, metelli & SKF steer clear of anything else. even blueprint aren't as good as they were and now focus more on price point than quality. also, water pumps do leak a little over time due to the nature of the...
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    4efte standard timing

    does the engine hunt when warm? if so its a tooth out on the cam timing
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    4E vs 5E

    thats a pretty well set up starlet in that vid yeah the 420cc will be fine. the td04 is slightly bigger than tf035 but the tf035 is a better turbo with slightly better flow, power wise there isnt much difference. glad you found a tuner, good ones are tricky to find. if i had more balls i'd...
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    Greddy Emanage Blue - how to setup 2 step \ antilag

    i thought only the ultimate could do anti lag and launch control
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    likewise. i wouldnt mind one for a daily. i keep looking out for a cheap one that needs a little engine work, but that doesn't tend to happen any more, they pretty much all get broken for parts.
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    Air in coolant problem!?!?

    i always used to fill the heater matrix first by taking 1 pipe off the stat housing, i then filled the rest of the engine via the top hose, then run engine squeeze pipe a few times, then rev engine a couple of times once it appeared there was no air left replaced the cap, go for a drive round...
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    4E vs 5E

    the stock engine will happily take 1.2 bar safely. i would recommend having 2x boost modes, 1 bar should be your daily thrash, and 1.2 should be when your in a develish mood. i'm not sure what yellow injectors are but guess they are 380 or 440cc injectors? i cant remember what stock were...
  12. sx_turbo

    4E vs 5E

    stick to 1.2 bar on stock engine, any more than that and it wont last long, not only that the power increase from 1.2 -1.4 bar isn't that great. when i had the td04 it was one of the first td04 hybrid options sacha offered, and it only produced marginally more power than the stock td04 in...
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    Ha ha thanks dude.
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    4efte standard timing

    The stock apexi map is pretty woeful, the stock ecu produces more power and is more responsive The apexi map is I presume there purely to give a base map to at least make the car driveable before tuning commences and to speed up the tuning process. So the timing figures should be taken with a...
  15. sx_turbo

    My toyota not starting

    Is the ECU getting a crank signal? It's most odd that you are getting the basic of what's needed but it won't fire,
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    Hi guys, Wow pretty surprised at the comments. Spec of the old starlet was never realised, it got as far as 280hp but there was more in it, the map wasn't great. I had plans to put cams In it and was specing a new turbo that hadn't been tried before. But alas it all ended as just a pipe...
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    Hi everyone, i just been speaking to a chap with a starlet and talking about some tech stuff, got me thinking and wanted to check out something i remembered posting. anyway having a search and looking at my build threads etc, i forgot how much a part of my life this forum was for a long...
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    rattling noise inside rocker cover

    are you sure the noise is coming from the rocker cover? it may be that some of the lifters are now out of tolerance, it could also be the spring in the gears that run the inlet cam, the inlet cam has a spring tensioned gear, maybe this spring has worn. as for the gearbox issue, it sounds like...
  19. sx_turbo

    High or low Compression 5e-fte

    8.5:1 is the best reliable all rounder, its also the stock compression of a 4efte
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    Brand new 450bhp Custom Garrett GT28 Turbo Kit

    think i need to win the lotto, this is exactly the turbo setup i was gonna use next, and have planned on, before getting rid of the starbo. :( one day i hope to be back