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    Uprated Fuel Pump - please advise.

    I need an uprated fuel pump, however Walbro seem to have loads of issues under load these days and is not recommended by many tuners - can anyone confirm? RCM is what people highly recommend, the price is rather too high. Has anyone heard of Import Car Parts (ICP) fuel pump as they claim...
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    Fuel pump pressure and Walbro pumps

    Hi everyone! It's time for me to replace the fuel pump! Is Walbro 255 reliable pumps? any good? Also, I was always wondering is the fuel pump always have the same pressure no matter the engine load? or is it regulated by the FPR in any way? Thank you in advance!
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    My new wheels! Subaru Forester -)

    More Pics TD04 at it's best -) Full spec So I wanted a car which would be suitable for the family (a...
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    Anyone had any experience with Subaru's? Boxer engines any good?

    I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with scoobies -) No I'm not after an impreza, I'm looking for something bigger than that, probably a forester XT or an outback, both AWD which is fun and both pretty quick. Forester is ugly though, but pretty cheap and Outback has no turbo -) but...
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    Totally New Engine design -) an interesting video!
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    Italian driving style - Ferrari F430

    My person opinion - IDIOT driver and the merc driver had a bloody good reaction.
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    ZISCO FULL EXHAUST SYSTEM S/S with Sport CAT +mani +downpipe, HKS BOV and other stuff

    For sale: Ep-91 - Full exhaust system, totally unique, specifically designed for me, free flow with a SPORT free flow cat, low noise, suitable up to 240 bhp, gives very quick spool time combined with Zisco free flow manifold and a downpipe. This exhaust is slightly longer than any other...
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    Japanese pronunciation of Car Brands
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    Glanza V 1998 AUTO - for sale. Very tidy and RARE - ideal for a manual conversion

    For sale: Toyota Glanza V 1998 - August Item Condition: A real head turner -) All the problems listed below Price and price conditions: £2600 or P/X Contact Details: Please PM Location: Milton Keynes Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: collection only -) Pictures below...
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    Cusco Rear Strut Brace - adjustable - good condition - bargain!

    For sale: Cusco Rear Strut Brace - adjustable Item Condition: Very good!!! Price and price conditions: £70 + £10 Next day delivery UPS - UK Mainland + PayPal fees - bargain! Extra Info: Improves handling! Pictures: See below Contact Details: Please PM Location: Milton Keynes Delivery &...
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    Garage clear out - rear calipers, standard CAT, alloy wheels, HKS Exhaust for repairs

    Garage clear out - rear calipers, CAT, alloy wheels, HKS Exhaust, other stuff For sale: Everything you see on the pics is for sale Rear Calipers Item Condition: Rear Calipers - both need a rebuild - driver side was OK. the Passenger side needs a rebuild - however it's not completely sized, I...
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    Proper car wash - Autoglym products? -what would you recommend for complete car wash?

    I know that Autoglym is very good, but if you know any other good makes please share your thoughts with me -) I decided to try to do a proper wash both inside and outside (finally we have good weather for that). What products would you recommend? There are so many to choose from.... I found...
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    Car accident + explosion! I was well surprised to see how many people stopped to help Apparently the Mitsubishi Outlander was going on the green light... The car clearly passed the crash test for me -) The driver barely had any injuries...
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    A road to hell - video! A real footage......
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    Montee tros marets 2013 nissan silvia drift - very nice drift -) VIdeo
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    Racing Car simulators - DAMN I want one of these! So realistic! Video

    This one is about 70K Euros -) And this one is a home made one - the guy spend about 600$ and a lot of his free time.
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    Decent Stereo for my car WANTED!

    I'm after a decent stereo at a good price -) PM me what you've got for sale!
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    Platinum-imports-uk - ebay seller Feedback! Top man to deal with!!!

    Here is the link to his ebay shop You can see his feedback rating on the ebay and it's really good. The seller is very helpful and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs any Japanese car parts. It truly is difficult to find a...
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    How to properly cook a turkey -) VIDEO
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    Standard TOP mount in very good condition, no bent fins, etc... + turbo cover!

    Surely someone's got the standard top mount for sale -) So many people went for the front mount IC. I need a good condition one. So please contact me with the pics and the price you're asking!