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    Issues after installing HKS actuator

    Hi guys. Got myself a new HKS actuator past week. Installed it as per to the given instructions. Set it to 123mm (0.8 bar) below fuel cut. Car boosts at 9psi 1st gear. 2nd gear 10-11psi but around 6k rpm the car just lets go for a split second feels like hitting the rev limiter once. Happens on...
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    OEM actuator boost

    Can I up the boost with stock actuator via manual boost controller? If I raise it to 12-13psi, what ignition timing should I run? Please note, fuel quality is utter garbage!
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    Continuous idle issues!!!

    1995 EP82 GT Turbo. For the life of me can't get to fix my idle. Idle drops to 500 rpms and alternator belt starts squeaking. Happens when coming to a stop specially after a spirited drive. Tried setting idle both from the throttle body screw and the throttle cable underneath the throttle...