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  1. ragz

    rolling shell non runner -matt black

    For sale: rolling shell matt black quadlight Item Condition: used, non runner Price and price conditions: £800 Extra Info: botton end has given up, needs rebuliding, please note the fmic has been sold, Pictures: Contact Details: u2u Location: lancashire, england...
  2. ragz

    For sale: 5efte

    For sale: 5efte engine Item condition: built ready to see road, done about 2k miles since rebuild price and price condition: £650 Extra info: comes with a brand new 3ete flywheel so your 4efte clutch bolts straight on, new toyota headgasket, head bolts renewed, fully rebuilt head...
  3. ragz

    Breaking hybrid gt - road runner mani, blitz downpipe, mines ecu...........

    Breaking hybrid gt - road runner mani, blitz downpipe etc For sale: all modz that are on the car Item Condition: used, new etc will be listed with each item Price and price conditions: all parts have prices listed next to them Extra Info: will be selling the rolling shell complete with...
  4. ragz


    5efte value thinking of selling my 5efte engine just wondering how much its worth built using fhe rods 4efte pistons fhe cams n brand new flywheel to mach 212mm clutch
  5. ragz

    toyota levin 20v

    any one on here ever owned or had any experiences with a toyota levin 20valve what are they like to own? running costs? tuning potential? do they have common probs? any info will be much appreciated thanx ragz
  6. ragz

    part numbers and fitment

    anybody have the part numbers for an ep91 and also an ep82 washer bottle(abs model) also are the fitments the same thanx in advance ragz
  7. ragz

    wanted:abs model screenwash bottle

    wanted: as above im after a screen wash bottle off a ABS equiped ep82 thanx ragz
  8. ragz


    how much are these 5efhe engines worth? is it worth the hassle goin from 4e to 5e? thanx
  9. ragz

    WANTED:toms rear spats and toyota optional skirts

    WANTED: toms rear spats ant toyota optional sideskirts for ep82 anyone has any of the above please pm me thanx ragz
  10. ragz

    photoshop request

    sorry if its in the wrong section can anyone do me a photoshop edit of a quad version GT in matt black with some rota sub-zeros on in silver lowered quite alot like the car in my avatar thanx in advance ragz
  11. ragz

    break white gt- aftermarket and stock parts

    For sale: front mount intercooler Item Condition: cant say new as its been on car but hardly any fin is bent :) Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: these have been going for £300 plus on ebay, one went for 315 recently used so bargain, its also got a shorter route as you can...
  12. ragz

    Wanted: Mines ecu

    WANTED; mines ecu for ep82 or k24 turbo kit anyone selling one or thinking of selling these in the near future holla this way 1st thanx ragz
  13. ragz


    hey would like to say thanx for the first class service car was as described went to pik up and was not dissapointed 1 bit infact i was suprised seller highly recomended to all sorry again turned up so late good luck with the mr2 hope u still stick around on here thanx again ragz
  14. ragz


    For sale:brand new bee*r Item Condition:brand new Price and price conditions:£120 ono Extra Info:fitted but never used thanx to the emanage ultimate launch control Pictures: Contact Details: pm me Location: oldham Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: price includes uk...
  15. ragz

    din pocket

    wanted as above pref one with a flap on it so things dont fall out thanx ragz
  16. ragz

    help:losing oil

    im starting to lose my love for the GT problem after problem had the car in for MOT the other day all went well until they were doing the emmisions test the car past eventually but when i moved tha car outta the garage i noticed a patch of oil on the floor quickly stuck ma head under and...
  17. ragz

    wont turn over

    FOA: people who might have a clue my GT been stood in the garage for ages now while iv been rebuilding the bottom end the car was fine turning over like normal till last monday now before someone mentions it iv changed the battery and no joy so i started pointing at the starter motor took...
  18. ragz

    running too rich(interesting read)

    come accross this
  19. ragz

    WANTED urgent

    WANTED: if anyone has the following items for sale please PM me with a price delivered im after a lamda sensor ct9 oil feed pipe clutch slave cylinder thanx ragz
  20. ragz

    reground and billet camshaft diffrences

    this has been stuck in my head for a long time always forget to post it up but here it goes what is the diffrence between reground and billet camshafts how are they made? what are the pros and cons of each one? thanx to all who take time and answer ragz