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  1. riko666

    For Sale: HRF EP82 PowerFC w/ 3Bar MAP Sensor & PowerFC Boost Controller Kit

    For sale: HRF EP82 PowerFC w/ 3Bar MAP Sensor & PowerFC Boost Controller Kit Item Condition: Used but in great condition Price and price conditions: £950 ono. incl. delivery (+ 5% Paypal) Extra Info: For sale is a quite simply extraordinary ECU setup, from the Starlet Experts, HRF. I...
  2. riko666

    Wanted: 23/23 Spline "Long" Passenger-side Driveshaft

    As per the title, I'm in great need of the aforementioned driveshaft, please let me know if anyone has one available, thank you! As per usual, I reward those that help me with copious hugs and kisses and general sluttery :o
  3. riko666

    For Sale: Aisam Toyota 380cc/min direct-fit Fuel Injectors

    SOLD!: Aisam Toyota 380cc/min Fuel Injectors Item Condition: Excellent - As New Price and price conditions: £140 inclusive of 5% Paypal & delivery Extra Info: Up for sale are a set of as new Aisam Toyota direct plug 'n' play 380cc/min Fuel injectors - perfect to suit a variety of setups...
  4. riko666

    Driveshaft/CV Joint Kerfuffle

    Hello lovelies, I require your assistance if you would be so kind! Basically, I have a driveshaft/CV joint related dilemma that is making me want to pull at my already thinning beautiful hair. Basically, I have changed from a C52B LSD Cynos gearbox (not a retrofit Starlet GT Gearbox by the...
  5. riko666

    Few Tidbits For Sale: Couple of Niceties (Cusco BMCS...) and Stock 4efte Bottom End

    #1 SOLD!: Used Cusco EP91 Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (BMCS) Price and price conditions: £42 incl. Delivery & Paypal Pictures: ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- #2 SOLD!: Used Racing Gear Organic 4E-FTE Clutch Disc Price and price...
  6. riko666

    For Sale: Brand New Aasco Lightweight 3e-te Flywheel (5e Fitment For 212mm Clutch)

    For Sale: Brand New Aasco Lightweight 3e-te Flywheel (5e Fitment For 212mm 4E Clutch) SOLD!: Aasco 3E-TE Lightweight Flywheel Extra Info: For sale is a brand new Lightweight 3E-TE flywheel from Aasco which I brought in from a groupbuy I organised last year - this flywheel is a 5E Crank...
  7. riko666

    Wanted: Upper cambelt cover a.s.a.p please!

    Hello there, As per the title, I'm looking for an upper cambelt cover as soon as possible please! Maybe even the lower one... If anyone has any spare please do let me know, thanks! :kiss:
  8. riko666

    Wanted: A few Clutch/Braking items

    Hello, I urgently require the following please: - Flywheel bolts - Clutch cover bolts - Gearbox backing plate If anyone's breaking a NON-ABS GT I could also do with: - Brake proportioning valve - All front brake piping If anyone has any please let me know asap, thanks!
  9. riko666

    For Sale: Random 4E and Other Toyota Parts

    For Sale: Apex-i Turbo Timer and Random 4E Parts For sale: Apex-i Turbo Timer w/ EP82 Harness Item Condition: Good condition Price and price conditions: £25 + P&P (add 5% for Paypal payments) Extra Info: This turbo timer comes in excellent condition, it worked perfectly with the...
  10. riko666

    Some gratuitous tension relief

    Well, the ugly head of Religion has reared itself and caused some tension, and on another forum I'm on, a similar tense moment was had on the boards, which was quickly relieved by this: Clicky :p
  11. riko666

    For Sale: Full CT9b Turbocharger (CT9b, Manifold & Downpipe)

    For Sale: OEM CT9b Manifold As per the title, I have a full turbocharger assembly from a Glanza up for sale - I can sell as a whole unit or sell separately. Just for some background information, the Glanza from which the items originated from had done 73,000mi, was pretty standard, and had been...
  12. riko666

    Contact Details required: Andrew aka. Bicrod

    Hello there, I wanted to ask if anyone knew Andrew (I think that was his name!) who lived in Witney, Oxfordshire, username was "Bicrod", and if so, do you have his phone number or email address? Please let me know when possible, thanks! Kisses and hugs for the first one to provide :o
  13. riko666

    For Sale: CT9a Turbocharger in extremely ok condition

    For Sale: CT9a Turbocharger in Good condition I actually forgot I had this from when I replaced it, so here it goes! For sale: CT9a Turbocharger Item Condition: Good Price and price conditions: £50 + 5% Paypal fees Extra Info: Stock CT9a turbocharger from a 1989 Starlet GT, ran well on my...
  14. riko666

    My Beloved 14" 2 piece. Watanabe RS-8 Wheels w/ Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres

    SOLD: My Beloved 14" 2 piece. Watanabe RS-8 Wheels w/ Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres New baby forces sale of these wheels, which I absolutely adored :( SOLD: Watanabe RS-8 14" 2 Piece wheels w/ excellent 185/60 R14 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D2 Tyres Pictures:
  15. riko666

    Brand New PowerFC Commander and (Maybe) Bride Zeta II FRP Bucket seat F/S

    Hey guys, a couple more things for sale, one due to unfortunate circumstances, the other due to a replacement :) SOLD: Brand new in box 415-T001 Apex-i PowerFC Hand Commander (Starlet application) Pictures: SOLD: Bride Zeta II FRP Full bucket seat Pictures:
  16. riko666

    For sale: 5E-FHE Stuff (ACIS, Camshafts etc...)

    For sale: Pretty Stuff - 5E-FHE Components & Brand New Aasco 5E Flywheel Just bought myself a 5E-FHE to start my project on and have several of the coveted items for sale as I'm either replacing them, or already have them: SOLD: 5E-FHE ACIS intake manifold Pictures: SOLD: 5E-FHE...
  17. riko666

    Best Picture EVER!...."Close Call"

    If that isn't a big enough sign from the man upstairs.... :p
  18. riko666

    Garnering Interest: EP82 Tom's TECS II ECU

    Yes I know the mods frown on these types of threads but hear me out - I want to find an interest for the ECU before I sell it, as it's sale will buy my new one... Anyway, an ultra rare ECU, the Tom's TECS II Ecu is one of the Elite (along with the Blitz etc...) that have an extra daughterboard...
  19. riko666

    Shipping/Pallet service for heavy items to N.I.

    Right, well I've got a particularly bulky package (hey hey :o) to send over to Northern Ireland, me being in Oxford...and I'm actually struggling to find a suited service. I don't know the package weight, but it includes a 5E-FHE Complete head, Pistons, Conrods, Sump + pickup, and Individual...
  20. riko666

    Needed - C56 Passenger Side Driveshaft, Jay, someone?

    As in the title - I will be swapping a C52b with the optional LSD for a C56 without an LSD, so will need to change (I presume) the Passenger Side Driveshaft to the longer, normal version. So if anyone has one for sale, please let me know :)