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  1. rage

    wanted: mk1 gt glowpanel

    Hey everyone, Im restoring a mk1 gt and somehow in its life the car ended up with mk2 tails/panel trying to find the original mk1 glowpanel for the car. Only offer if its in good condition and willing to post to the netherlands (very largely wrapped as its sooo fragile) Cheers, Martin
  2. rage

    high rpm/full boost/ smoke on shifting

    i've replaced my turbo for a ct9 hybrid. ive had smokers before that puffed smoke on idle. but this time everything is fine on idle and normal driving. but when i get decent boost/higher rpm and i shift i get a short blue puff. so its oil and probably turbo related. but i cant quite put my...
  3. rage

    where to get a good ct9 rebuild kit?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get a couple of good ct9 rebuild kits. not too worries about the price or location but they have to be good quality or oem toyota. have had some bad luck with rebuild kits the past few times. parts that didn't fit, exhaust seal that was too big and clamped down...
  4. rage

    crash course 4efte building

    rebuild of my friends 4efte after a catastrofic engine fail 1 injector failed, melted a piston and ruined the cylinder. replaced the bottom end and gave it a propper rebuild with all new gaskets, bearrings, oilpump, waterpump etc. oh, the piston after i got it out of the old block :D now...
  5. rage

    ep82 engine loom

    looking for a ep82 engine loom. ecu preferred with the loom. if anybody has one for sale plz let me know cheers!
  6. rage

    sidewinder exhaust, quality stuff!!

    was stripping down a totalled ep and it had the sidewinder exhaust underneath her. after asking some info from the previous owner i found out that the exhaust had been fitted in 2005 and driven over 110.000 kilometers after cleaning all the grime and dirt off the exhaust it looked like this...
  7. rage

    Something different. A tale about a car lost and forgotten

    Something different... A friend of mine has had a wish for quite some time. To find and restore a classic japanese car. And he had found his muse. If you are a true car guy, you have feelings for a car, you can look past the flaws, rust and damage and see what she can be, someday... In...
  8. rage

    fun with a carkey

    not my idea, just stole it from teh great internetz got some cheap screwdrivers and made a spare key used a hacksaw to cut off the end and shape it like a point. ground down the edges a bit so it would slide in better heat the screwdriver, once the plastic gets soft, pull it out...
  9. rage

    forged 5e setup. your opinions and suggestions plz

    hi all. i'm currentry in the collection phase for my forged 5e build. would like to have your opinions on the setup i have in mind and any sugestions or tips you might have. i have a spare 4efte engine for parts. 5e bottom end with good crank 5e scat rods 5efhe cams Gt2560r turbo...
  10. rage

    how to change valve stem seals without lifting the head

    hi guys, A while ago i've replaced my valve stem seals as the engine was out of the car and stripped down anyway. but the car started smoking again when i lt go of throttle, brake using the engine and then picked up on the throttle again a nice puff of blue smoke appeared in my rear view...
  11. rage

    lsd? or no lsd?

    Was setting up my car for a comming drag race event and after i did a 2nd gear launch i left this on the tarmac :D but what suprised me was the 2 even, equally long black lines. the power was well devided over the 2 wheels. but i'm almost certain i have no lsd gearbox. definatly not an oem...
  12. rage

    Gp82 :(

    Anyone know how to get in contact with GP82 ? well over a month ago (14th of march) i bought and payed for a micrometer after 2 weeks i didn;t get anything yet so i sent him a pm, got a reply stating he had been ill and had posted it the day before (26th of march) but i still have no...
  13. rage

    smoking a lil bit

    my car has been smoking a little bit for a while now. when i accelerate, no problems, shift gear and a tiny puff of smoke comes out. let go of the throttle, slow down on the engine, pick up the throttle again and i get a decent puff of smoke. turbo exhaust seal? most likely?
  14. rage

    intake manifold, your thoughts on this

    hey guys there is a question roaming on our local forum about a corolla intake manifold. would it be a good manifold o use on a 4efte? would it need some mods? it's this one: equal length intake anifold, tubular, simple oh, the throttlebody from the 4efte does fit on it. what...
  15. rage

    hello, i'm martin and i'm an addict..

    got a text from a friend saying he had a starlet for sale at the garage he works at. so i popped by to take a look and dang it! i bought one again! now i have 3 starlets and a lancer on the driveway. it's going to be a reshell project. will be stripping it down at the end of summer once...
  16. rage

    rank my car

    hi lads, there is a competition going on in the netherlands. it's about starlets. any help in ranking my starlet 5 stars would be appreciated a lot :D
  17. rage

    had her for almost 9 years now... what to do

    hi gang, i'm pondering lately to do something drastic. ..... break my pride and joy... wtf? why?? you ask well, had het for almost 9 years now. had a GREAT deal of fun and hardships with her but all in all the chassis has seen better days. all the heavy cornering/racing has taken it's...
  18. rage

    attempt number 2 at making a slider movie

    hi guys, somehow my first version of the slider shoot is corrupt now on youtube, won;t load past 2:15 so i deleted it and tried to create a better version with premiere pro. took a long time to get the hang of the software but i'm getting there. tried making the slides fit to the music...
  19. rage

    tribute to my GTT

    Hi lads, Soms of you might have seen it in the chill out room, was tinkering with a DIY slider rail. today i made a photoshoot, or, slider shoot and this is the result :)
  20. rage

    made a camera slider

    hey lads, been tinkering with some pvc parts today and made a DIY camera slider. still have to work out some details and tweak it here and there but quite pleased with the first test. the DIY slider: will be adding more parts to it so i can set it on the ground like this, swap out...