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  1. Galen

    EMU issue (blowing EFI fuse)

    I have Emanage Ultimate that is hardwired into original harness on my Glanza. It has been in the car 5 years or so with no issues. A few weeks ago the car blew an EFI fuse. I was after launching the car and the dash hopped a bit just before the fuse blew. Im thinking the dash hopping shook the...
  2. Galen

    compression test

    Getting the car mapped tomorrow so just done a compression test to see how things are. Got 155psi across three cylinders and just over 150psi on the last. Engine warmed and at WOT. Just over 288000kms on the engine.
  3. Galen

    grumbling gearbox

    Have an oem lsd box Last week a fairly loud grumbling noise came into the box while driving, goes when clutched. It gets loudest in 5th gear especially at lower revs. The lower the gear the less noticeable the noise. Im guessing bearings from the sound but could it be the diff or the actual...
  4. Galen

    EP meet aftermath and pics thread

    Thanks to everyone that came along, especially the northern lads for making the trek down. Not a bad turnout after, 17 cars I think I counted out of 35 names down though! First spot was fecking freezing but we waited til near 4 o clock and then headed over to lough ennel. Was cool to look back...
  5. Galen

    No Boost!

    I have TD04 with running 1bar with HKS actuator and AVCR boost controller. All was fine until yesterday, boosting fine at 1bar. Drove the car then last night and was getting no boost, about .05bar is all. It seemed to start spooling as normal and then just no more boost. Ive checked...
  6. Galen

    Who runs 16's on Glanza

    Currently using 15x7 advans with 195/50r15 tyres all round. Thinking of changing to 16x7 and wondering what size tyres to go for? So what does anyone else use? I already have the car fairly low and would probably go a small bit lower again if possible too Oh and pics would be great! This is...
  7. Galen

    All Ireland EP meet March 2nd

    This is being organised over on toc-irl by Mikey-H but said I'd put it up here for the Northern lads if they want to make the trip down, more than welcome! There was a TGTT meet held in this spot about 5 years ago and there was a very good turnout for it. Hope to see some of the nice GT's from...
  8. Galen

    LSD knocking sound

    Have an oem lsd box in my Glanza. Being noticing a knocking noise lately while driving, while turning but also in a straightline sometimes. I thought CV joints at first but I dont think its that now, its not the same sort of sound. Had the car on the lift and when moving the wheels back and...
  9. Galen

    Advantage of 330cc injectors?

    Would there be any advantage of running 330cc injectors on my set up? Currently running 1bar on TD04 on standard internals mapped on a EMU. Running walbro fuelpump too. Car was mapped by Chris and he never said if the standard injectors were maxing out so I assume there doing the job for...
  10. Galen

    glanza not running right

    Friend of mine having bit of bother with his Glanza. He's had it off the road over winter, kept in a shed. He had it out last month and was driving fine. He just started it every few days since then and let it warmed up. Took it out last week and its not running right now. Once you get into...
  11. Galen

    Glanza at Tsukuba Speedhunters

    Good to see the EP's are still knocking about Japan, this one been put to good use!
  12. Galen

    TD04 exhaust housing stud

    Anyone know if the stud from the exhaust housing of a ct9 would fit in the exhaust housing of a TD04? Snapped a stud on my td04 and have some studs from a ct9 in the shed, havent had the chance to root them out yet though to see if they'll fit. Just be handy to know so I can sort something out...
  13. Galen

    Friends Facebook photography page

    Friend of mine just set up a a page for his photo's. Mostly automotive, bit of everything really JDM, drifting, VAG... Appreciate the likes and shares if ye like what ye see! Thanks!
  14. Galen

    Upgraded ECU for Glanza V (Options)

    Its probably been covered before but cant find anything that answers what I want to know. From lads that have experience, what ecu options are out there? Im currently running a JAM ecu so was thinking along the lines of a Emanage Ultimate but what else is out there? What else is needed for...
  15. Galen

    hesitating/missing and fault code 14

    Car seems to be hesitating going from 3000-5000rpm, feels like it doesnt want to accelerate at all. Done a diagnostics test and got Code 14 Ignition signal No IGF signal to ECU 8 to 11 times in succession Troubled area: Igniter and Ignition Coil circuit Igniter Ignition Coil ECU...
  16. Galen

    4efe temp switch same as 4efte?!

    Im assuming the temp switch that goes on thermostat housing be the same for both engines. But just to be sure The second one in this link be the right one, the green one? For a 98 Glanza
  17. Galen

    Some recent pics of my Glanza

    Well first of all this happened in August Another few thousand up on that since and still going strong, even flew through the NCT (mot) last week with no problems at all. So after that I decided to swap out my Tein front coilovers for these JIC Magics. The Teins were on there lowest...
  18. Galen

    Check this page out please

    A good friend of mine's music page, have a look and listen to any tracks he has up so far and sure if your into it give it a like! More of the stuff he's covered and some he's written here Thanks
  19. Galen

    Mine and a friends Glanza's

    One of the lads got himself a nice Glanza so we just got a few quick pics of them together while the weather was good. The white Glanza belonged to a few members off here over the years so it's a good one
  20. Galen

    Compression Test Results

    Done a compression test earlier just to check how things are. Readings were 150psi across all cylinders. Thats a good result yeh? Once its even across all cylinders. just see some lads getting 160-170, what would be the reason for a difference?