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  1. x-MissEp82-x

    Been a few years since I was here....

    SOOOO happy to see this site back and running. My soul died a little when my then friend told me it had been AWOL for a while. Still got my same 1992 ep82 from when I first posted here. Ive actually just fitted new ht leads, dizzy cap rotar arm and new batt today and she started like a dream...
  2. x-MissEp82-x

    ep82 exhaust manifold wanted please

    As above need a new exhaust manifold with no cracks and for an ep82 1992. Can't get my turbo on without one. Thanks Kady x
  3. x-MissEp82-x

    Ep82 2x rear disc brakes needed, non abs rear only plz

    Hello All, Just bought mintex pads and seen that my rear discs are so scorched i cant replace the pads without the discs so i am asking for a good set of low milage disc brakes. REAR DISC BRAKES ONLY PLEASE - EP82 1992 NON ABS
  4. x-MissEp82-x

    wanted - good CT9 Turbo - NO SMOKE - NO CRACKS - EP82 turbo needed asap

    Hi guys. Turbo seals have gone on my bloody ep82 & i cant be arsed to rebuild as i need my car so i am need of a good CT9 turbo. Have bought one before off this forum and was a good trade. Dont want to pay more that £100 as that was what I payed last time and it was sweet as a nut, No...
  5. x-MissEp82-x


    AS ABOVE. Turbo seals are gone, oil getting into sump and causing major smoke out back exhaust. CT9 turbo needed. Ive bought one before for around £100 (and was fine) so no stupid offers please, Thanks x
  6. x-MissEp82-x

    Need 27mm chrome knock sensor plug please - image below

    need this 27mm chrome nut plug asap please get in contact, petrol is soooooo rapidly going
  7. x-MissEp82-x

    plastic steering wheel surround/cover/case

    PART NUMBER - 45286-10201 as in pic im needing both parts that clip together - one at the top and one at the bottom. "] [/URL] need the black plastic to make my car not look like its stolen!! thanks x
  8. x-MissEp82-x

    CASH WAITING FOR Black knock sensor plug 1993 ep82

    been everywhere cant find one. someone must be breaking thier car and be able to send me one please! cash waiting!! xx
  9. x-MissEp82-x

    steering wheel standard or momo/sparco and boss?

    hi guys, My wheel is starting to piss me off now as my indicators dont cancel off themselves and my balance and tracking is never right. Ive been told its due to the stupid wheel i have on my car - its not standard and is not sitting right with the drive, Ive got massive play in it and...
  10. x-MissEp82-x

    rear brake discs ep82 not too worn

    hi guys ok so looking for anyone that any rear discs for my ep82 1993 please, I just havent got the money to buy new and really really need discs, Ive got pads for both rear and front but desperately need these discs. If you have some that were taken off after not too long or have any sitting...
  11. x-MissEp82-x

    green knock sensor plug ep82 & hose from head to oil feed

    Hi guys!! Neeeeed badly a knock sensor plug as management light is on and code showing this is fault. Also needed is the breather hose from top of oil feed to rocker cover head. This has slight split in it and wondered if anyone had one spare or what its called so i can actually buy one...
  12. x-MissEp82-x

    Knock Sensor Plug For EP82 1993 Please :)

    hi guys!! So still in need of a good condition knock sensor plug and wire if possible. engine management light wont go off till i have one and my petrol situation is not going to get any better without a knock sensor!! Please reply or pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks x
  13. x-MissEp82-x

    ep82 steering wheel surround. knock sensor plug

    hi guys!! so after spending a lot of money on sorting out the valve stem oil leak and shitty smoke from exhaust, I'm now in desperate need of a good working non bodged (superglued) knock sensor plug, the little green one. for my 1993 ep82 please. ALSO NEEDED: EP82 Steering wheel surround...
  14. x-MissEp82-x

    Needed ASAP - Ep82 offside eng mount and timing case covers

    Hi Guys!! Really need these parts as ive just had the whole stem seals done and head cleaned up, Garage has advised i need timing case covers and an engine mount front offside. Also could do with any other engine related parts that connect with the manifold. Thanks
  15. x-MissEp82-x

    wanted ep82 drivers side front indicator

    As above must fit my 1992 ep82 thanks. Need one asap paypal preferred
  16. x-MissEp82-x

    front wiper motor ep82

    Hiya ppl my wipers are not going as fast as they should be and I though instead of buying one on ebay there might be someone out there breaking thier car and may have one going. Pm us or reply to this is ifu have one for under 25. xx
  17. x-MissEp82-x

    working window motors and regulators if poss for ep82 1993

    hi guys had the car a month with no drivers window is there ANYONE who can get me some window motors as its doing my fuking nut in, thanks
  18. x-MissEp82-x

    Possible East Anglia Meet?

    Hey everyone! There's no upcoming meets/events around this area and the last one was for dave burwash, That was a wicked turnout and would like to maybe set up another meet. I'm not that well known on here but I am always on and up for meeting with the starlet community! If anyone round...
  19. x-MissEp82-x

    starlet gt ep82 ashtray and motors please

    Hi Guys I Need some window motors please! Definitely the drivers and passengers if I can get it!! Also an EP82 Ashtray!! Thanks
  20. x-MissEp82-x

    ep82 ashtray please - window motors?

    as above I need an ashtray for my 1992 ep82. Also need some window motors too!! thanks