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  1. sanchez

    New York

    Hi mate, not posted on here for a while lol I was in New York this time last year mate, and i absolutely loved it, im sure you will too, i wish i was there for new years!!! Anyway 6 days will be very good for what your wanting to do, as i went for 4 and managed to see all the sites worth...
  2. sanchez

    Gauge recommendations

    Defi everytime!
  3. sanchez

    what is this car????

    Yep accord euro r, pretty rare cars
  4. sanchez

    farina racers ecu question?

    Yep, will work like the other plug and play ECUs, raise rev limit, remove fuel cut etc....
  5. sanchez

    anyone built an offroad buggy with bike engine in?

    My mate built a gsxr 1000cc engined mini, was awesome, and fastttttt!!!!!! Also, a lad called Jason on UKSC has built a 4efte powered buggy
  6. sanchez

    Carbon look...whatever!

    A vid someone posted a while ago, would like to see how the finish lasts.
  7. sanchez

    my new carbon fibre splitter and canards, busy weekend...

    Lip looks cool, but lol at the canards
  8. sanchez

    Shell Swap Complete Busy 5 days :)

    Awesome mate! One of my favourite GTs with alot of money and work gone into it!!! Gonna have to take me for a rip some time matey ;)
  9. sanchez

    wot boost on a k26 turbo

    Never had it on a dyno mate, BUT it was quiccccccccck! lol
  10. sanchez

    wot boost on a k26 turbo

    I was running 1.6 bar on 99ron
  11. sanchez

    F/S Rays Mazdaspeed MS-03's (Like advans)

    Awesome wheels mate, get them on Driftworks!!
  12. sanchez

    White Glanza V - Didcot

    Keep seeing it around, sort of makes me wish i kept my GT!!
  13. sanchez

    Korean GP wasn't much fun

    lol i have often wondered what Kobayashi would be like in a redbull car!! hes an awesome driver in my eyes!!
  14. sanchez

    Korean GP wasn't much fun

    Yeah i agree, have been watching more and more BTCC, as f1 is just getting boring, seeing the sam eman win all the time....give them all the same car and im sure we would see some other winners!!
  15. sanchez

    A friend found this video

    Not as good as white sunshine!!! lol
  16. sanchez

    A friend found this video

    Build thread:
  17. sanchez

    A friend found this video

    He is member 'Seba' on UKSC, i will dig up his build thread for you now. And yes is an Epic V with ALOT of money being spent on it!
  18. sanchez


    Yeah im going to wait for the iphone5 also, also my contract dont run out till February, so hopefully the ip5 wont be long after that. Want to update to ios5 but dont want to lose my jailbreak, so may wait until they find a jailbreak for it.
  19. sanchez

    Forged engine

    They are closed for the time being :(!
  20. sanchez

    Its Friday...

    Haha no worries dude, i figured you have been busy ;)