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    Which Rod Bearings are best?

    i'd try one of the credible machine shops with precision measuring instruments unless you know of someone/mechanic whom you trust that builds engines and has access to the same precision equipment
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    Hello from Barbados

    hail sir....plenty of information around here a fellow Bajan i see :cool: . will try to assist where i can
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    Which Rod Bearings are best?

    possibly bajan?! :cool: i tend to stick to genuine toyota/OEM bearings and that's what i recommend. regarding the size, you would need to measure up the crank using some professional (high quality) calipers or the plastigage approach. if you are not sure how ti do it yourself or have the...
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    My Glanza V 1998

    welcome to tgtt it sounds like its valve stem seals or turbo exhaust seal related You can do as Jay suggested
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    Newbie member

    hail, nice ride
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    Twin pump fuel supply

    some good information from the others based on the above, i've wondered about your fuel pump? this a reliable brand?, they are a lot of fake and cheap pumps out there---may you can try to genuine walbro in the starlet community much can be achieved with a rrfpr, larger injectors and...
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    Hello all

    welcome :cool:
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    Covid 19

    i'm not too sure they have room for the food :D
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    Covid 19

    the joys of some occasional junk food :D
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    Newbie from cork

    hail sir...welcome
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    first, i'd suggest you run a diagnostic and see if any codes show up also check the map sensor and the hose connections to it and the manifold
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    Covid 19

    based on the laws of life,,,it would work well now and have something trivial happen like a lost car key or a dead car battery Monday morning...lolol but because you are a tgtt member, you have nothing to worry will be fine... :D
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    4efte manual

    please take this with a pinch of salt as i'm certainly not too IT savvy...but would some kind of file compression software help in this case?
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    Morning all. I'm a returning noobie

    hail sir...welcome back
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    4efte manual

    yeah, it opened for me as well on the PC this manual i had from ages ago...i also reference it for the past 4efte and hybrid "5efte" as its very useful in general
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    4efte manual

    this is truly impressive :D
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    4efte manual

    i'd be interested in a copy as well to be honest question?...if you are willing to facilitate it,, is the document something that admin/Jay/ttgt could like host on this site so that its available to all of us to download at our convenience ---less hassle for you sending it out individually
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    Covid 19

    that's good you get to catch up with some folks just remember the basic protocols and keep it safe --- social distance, wash hands, sanitize, etc. i don't think anyone wants a 2nd wave or any other thing covid19 related
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    Con artist

    hopefully the authorities can investigate and get to the bottom of it everyone can knows for sure (facts) wow...somehow i can't recall knowing the tgtt had a facebook page...lolol possibly slipped me mind...but then again, i'm not much into a lot of the social media an...
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    Considering a return

    hail sir.,,,long time....welcome back to the site the starlet/glanza is quite a special car to own, you never quite tire of them i've driven in various stis, evos, levins, swifts, etc....all nice cars in their own right....heck, i even almost sold my ep91 a few years ago to buy a stock...