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    Need help please!

    I have been told by a dude who's finally fixing my car that my awesome te37's (alloy's) i bought are a tiny bit too wide,. I cant understand this as i bought them from a guy who had a 95 corolla sport and he never had any problem's of this kind what so ever,. sp here i am!, any advice or info...
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    general inspiration links? i'll leave this here :)
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    Please! Drop me your knowledge!

    HI! my name is corey, i own a 94 starlet gt, non quadlight model....anyhoo,i bought an lsd gearbox and when i went to fit it i reaslised my leftsided (passenger side) driveshaft would not fit because apparently my lsd is external and not built in like the newer models, doh!, so i went and found...
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    Please help :(

    hi people, im looking for a back engine mount from toyota starlet gt advance...the problem is, its from the lsd model and its really turning out to be a nightmare to find :( any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    i own a 94starlet gt with a tdo4 etc currently on low boost and standard ecu,,,,i hav an e manage ecu,and brand new 330cc injectors waiting to go in and was wonderin where i could go to get these fitted and mapped??? i live in dublin but would be willing to travel,, thankyou very much for any...
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    any buzzy quotes, worth sharing?

    bill hicks: .I think it's interesting the two drugs that are legal - alcohol and cigarettes,. two drugs that do absolutely nothing for you at all - are legal, and the drugs that might open your mind up to realise how you're being fukd every day of your life? Those drugs are against the law...
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    car story

    it started when i got with ex girlfriend,,she always told me about her phsycotherapist,hypnotist,phsyco analyst,raeke master uncle who lived and ran 'one of' his clinics in london,,he was fairly loaded by all accounts,(traded in his jag every year for a new one),was very dear to her! and for...
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    exhaust dilema!!

    hey peoples! ive got a td04 starlet wit a decat and a pile of other mods, its quick and functional but my car soundz like a helicopter!! is der any realy quiet exhausts i can get? without havin to go bak to my old ct9 or take any mods off as ive been told i prbbly would hav to do :( HELP!!!
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    bad times!

    i recently bought a starlet gt after my last gt got stolen early last christmas morn:( my insurance wasnt very helpful so i had to save and go on foot until i had enuf fundz to buy another,, the 1 i bought went ok for a wk or so,,my friend chekd for the usuals and said it was decent enuf,, i...