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    Awesome guitar work!!

    the guys online name is funtwo search it on youtube hes got a few awesome vids his techniques pretty much flawless!
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    Anyone Have a PS3

    iv had one since summer there well good u gotta play thru the hd for the full experience cod4 is mega so is guitar hero 3 :D i prefer nfsu carbon to tht new one tho wasnt tht impressed with it tbh oblivion elder scrolls is good as well if ur into th rpgs but it got far too involved for me its...
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    ** proof max power has changed**

    also absolutely love this guy! "wats so good about that wheels are wrank and imprezas are shit u cant mod the engien much" he knows his stuff and he comes over as really intelligent and well educated :p
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    ** proof max power has changed**

    lol at the poor guy with the 206 but did anybody else notice this monster in the links at the side wot a beast :)
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    howdo everyone

    cheers guys im from up north in cumbria btw :)
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    howdo everyone

    hey im new here so just thought id introduce myself im looking into gettin a gt in the new year and was advised tht this was a cool place for advice etc :)