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  1. Jaf_ep91

    Headlight Wiring

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram just for the headlights on an EP82 or EP91? Much Appreciated.
  2. Jaf_ep91

    Custom Wiring Harnesses

    Good Evening Guys, Just a quick post to gauge interest in custom looms. I work for a company called Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd. (ATL), we manufacture racing fuel cells for nearly all race serious around the world. I have been thinking about bring my skill set from work home with me and...
  3. Jaf_ep91

    Celica GT4 Gearbox

    I have managed to aquire a gt4 gearbox well the whole car to be specific, how easy would it be to convert a Glanza to 4wd and any idea of cost etc? Not sure if it's worth the hassle or if I should just sell the box Thanks Jaffa
  4. Jaf_ep91

    Gaz ep85 blue shell where's it gone?

    Any info?
  5. Jaf_ep91

    Starlet shell 85

    Interested in an 85 shell would like gaz from PP old blue shell however can't find it anywhere, any ideas where it has gone?
  6. Jaf_ep91

    Headlight issue

    Morning all, My old wiring loom was damaged in my Glanza v, so I sourced one online and ordered it, I fitted the loom - engine fires and runs sweet, however the dipped beams won't work, I got the light and wiper stocks with the loom, sidelights work fine, full beam is okay, indicators and...
  7. Jaf_ep91

    Headlight and Wiper Stocks

    Looking for a wiring diagram for these? Or a pin out for the stocks?
  8. Jaf_ep91

    Considering breaking the Glanza

    What's peoples opinions I'm considering buying an ek9 Keep starlet or move to ek9 lol
  9. Jaf_ep91

    Car Problems Help?

    i recently started up my glanza after about 2 years of it not being run, as i have been changing a lot of parts on it, however no changes to my engine i put new filters and oils of course but stupidly i didnt drain the fuel, when it started it runs fine untill the choke goes off it then goes...
  10. Jaf_ep91

    1.5 Engine 1.3 Engine, Calipers And More

    For sale: 1.5 engine (5efe I think) Item Condition: used, however no idea of history Price and price conditions: £175 ono Extra Info: perfect for a rebuild for a high spec starlet Pictures:
  11. Jaf_ep91

  12. Jaf_ep91

    Whiteline FARB, Ultra Racing Bars?

    i have read the guide on fitting the whiteline farb and it seems simple however trying it tonight it just doesnt seem to line up with the lower arms any ideas or various techniques to make it align? same with the ultra racing fender bars for behind the front wings, they bolt to door hinges...
  13. Jaf_ep91

    Heater controls

    Does any 1 have a picture of the back of the heater controls with the cables for directing air attached to it?
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  15. Jaf_ep91

    intercooler pipe work

    as above but i need pipe work to run from standard ct9 to autobahn front mount any1 able to help me out? if possible get in touch by phone 07557511276
  16. Jaf_ep91

    Wiring question

    I've been looking into building my own loom I know many people will say don't do it or your wasting your time but we all want to do our own things so I'm just looking for advice not criticism haha! I've been studying the pin out diagrams for an ep91 Ecu and my question is this, if I'm...
  17. Jaf_ep91

    1997 reg wiring loom

    Glanza wiring loom dash and engine would be ideal uncut would be best as dont want any1 else's problems lol, cash waiting will collect ASAP cheers if you could get me on mobile would be even better 07557511276 cheers again
  18. Jaf_ep91

    Abs ecu?

    Does anyone have a pin out diagram for this? Detailing where each wire goes?
  19. Jaf_ep91

    Are These Plugs All Abs?

    As Above Are They All To Do With Abs And If So Okay To Remove All When Doing The Conversion?
  20. Jaf_ep91

    Removing Excess Wiring?

    Has Any1 Removed The Excess Wiring Likes Of Air-con Wiring Etc.? Any Diagrams And Advice?