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  1. Gryzor

    Greddy Ultimate Emanage, Blitz SBC boost controller

    Greddy Ultimate Emanage with loom, a/f input, boost input, usb cable £450 Blitz sbc id spec r boost controller £200 Postage not included Location N.Ireland
  2. Gryzor

    E-manage ultimate ep82 field harness

    For sale: Item Condition: new Price and price conditions: £130 Picture: Contact Details: pm Location: Northern Ireland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: free to UK
  3. Gryzor

    Harmony Hill 2016

    pics to follow
  4. Gryzor

    Please sign to show you're against this amendment.

    Normally I wouldn't post anything political or religious but this is worth stopping
  5. Gryzor

    hot / warm start problem.

    A couple of weeks ago I drove to the local shop parked up, went in and got some nappies or something, I came out and tried to start the V, it started initial but dyed after about 2 seconds. I tried to restart but it turned over and wouldn't fire, on waiting about 20 minutes I tried again and...
  6. Gryzor

    EP82 & EP91 Blueprint Part Numbers

    Braking Cooling Clutch Engine Engine Management Steering Transmission Thank jjayokocha
  7. Gryzor

    75985-10780 Stripe, Side Panel decal , 75441-10220-B3 Plate, Back Door Decal

    75985-10780 Stripe, Side Panel decal 75441-10220-B3 Plate, Back Door Decal for ep91 ,but would look really well on a 82
  8. Gryzor

    Jam FCD pictures

  9. Gryzor

    43330-19085 43340-19025 Joint Assy, Lower Ball Joint

    part No 43330-19085 part No 43340-19025 Nut and pin included Pricing to follow
  10. Gryzor

    TRD Door Stabilizer At £87 :eek: DIY : TRD Door Stabilizers
  11. Gryzor

    standard injectors

    as above set of standard injectors ? Phil you're bound to have some :)
  12. Gryzor

    Instant Center..

    not really but nice attempt.
  13. Gryzor

    HKS PFC F-Con versions 3 & 4

    Version 4 Version 3
  14. Gryzor

    Toyota Starlet in movies and TV series - Page 1/7 Toyota Starlet Glanza [EP91] in Hardy Bucks, Mini-Series, 2008 Ep. 9 1990 Toyota Starlet [EP82] in Sam hon, Movie, 2003
  15. Gryzor

    Oculus Rift VR Headset
  16. Gryzor

    some trd pdf history

    found this difficult to find so worth sharing
  17. Gryzor

    2014 Calendar submissions

    Just fire up a list of your pictures for 2014 calendar and we'll sort out a voting thread on the 16th of December from suitable pictures posted in this thread.
  18. Gryzor

    5e bottom plastic cam cover

    as above
  19. Gryzor

    TRD Brochures

  20. Gryzor

    Glanza V