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    WTD: UK spec EP91 front mud guards.

    As title please.
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    WTD: Starlet SR TTE exhaust, set of decals, parcel shelf speaker and stock SR springs

    As title. Putting my SR back to factory after the previous owner customising it :( and need the titled parts to put it right.
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    WTD: Starlet SR prefer white or black

    As title if you have a clean starlet SR for sale send me a message please.
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    White glanza for sale with mods.

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    White JPS throttle cable

    For sale: white JSP throttle cable Item Condition: new/never used Price and price conditions: £20 delivered Extra Info: for starlet Pictures: Contact Details:here PM or Location:north Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:included
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    Glanza wind deflectors, forged rods, efi/bov blanks and head unit.

    Location: north Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: £15
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    Look what I've just bought for .99p
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    Best of both worlds EP91 & EP82 BLITZ P&P ECU ALL IN ONE.

    Location: north Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: included you pay PayPal fees
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    Anybody know if how much this is worth? EP82 > EP91 ECU loom converter.

    I've been messing and had a few bits left from my previous brakers and made this to maybe see if it add's value interest to my blitz ecu I have for sale. BTW the extra plug on the Glanza ecu is for the extra wires for auto box which are redundant on the manual. Pictures I'm going to...
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    Ep82 blitz p&p ecu for sale.

    For sale: a plug and play blitz ecu Item Condition: used 100% working Price and price conditions: £425 posted Extra Info: everyone know what these ecu's do now. Pictures: Contact Details: here, pm or 07793965072 Location: north Manchester Delivery &...
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    Gangnam style english version. Lol

    Quite funny
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    Zisco external wastegate/screamer ram horn manifold inc all gaskets.

    For sale: as title (mild steel) Item Condition: used for about 1500mile Price and price conditions: £300 Cash, PayPal fee to be added or gift, bank transfer. Extra Info: Comes with all genuine Toyota gaskets at a cost of over £75 in the 2 metal wastegate gaskets. Fully heat wraped and...
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    3.9kg light weight flywheel for 4e-fte for sale

    For sale: aftermarket Light weight flywheel unknown brand Item Condition: used Price and price conditions: £200 Extra Info: @3.9kg it's one of the lightest flywheels available for the starlet. Pictures: Contact Details: Here PM or Location: north Manchester Delivery & Conditions of...
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    They are being parthetic now!!!! Banning washing cars at home!!
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    Having a change from the starlet so I bought this.

    Well had enough of putting my money into the starlet and chucked in the towel. Decided I wanted a newer run about and found this. I really like it, its nippy good on fuel and fun in the corners. Comment welcome good or bad.
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    Enkei J speed alloys white with polished lip deep!

    For sale: Enkei J speed alloys 15" 6.5j Item Condition:used two legal tires other two need replacing Price and price conditions: £250 no offers Extra Info: suit GT so good Pictures: Contact Details: Location: north Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery...
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    Set of 5 OEM Glanza alloys with legal tires

    For sale: set of 5 OEM 14" Glanza alloys Item Condition: used Price and price conditions: £120 collected Extra Info: no kurb marks ideal as a set of winter wheels Pictures: Contact Details: here or PM Location: MANCHESTER Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: COLLECTED