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    ***Mild Steel and Stainless Steel TD04/TD05 manifolds or complete kits***

    Mild Steel and Stainless Steel TD04/TD05 manifolds or complete kits We have available both of these as either just manifolds/downpipes or full kits Mild steel Manifold downpipe and screamer £450.00 Stainless Steel Manifold, downpipe and screamer £650.00 Either can be supplied...
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    ***Powerflex Suspension bushes added***

    We have been working with Powerflex the get all the suspension bushes made and so far we have most which you can find here Click We will have the 31mm front arm bushes and ARB bushes coming soon :)
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    TMD Cast De cat pipes

    We are pleased to announce the release of our cast de cat pipes. Based on the discontinued Blitz pipe this has been improved upon and cast in Spheroidal Graphite Iron. (Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron. As the name implies, graphite is present in spheroidal form instead of flakes and compared with...
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    *** Hel Performance Brake lines Group buy ***

    A full brakeline kit, front and rear. Manufactured to the highest possible industry standards, As with all HEL Performance braided brake line kits, only the highest grade stainless steel components are used, making this kit unique in the marketplace. There are no mild steel components...
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    *** More Special Offers ***

    Fuel filters £8.00 plus delivery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Front Wheel Bearings £40.00 plus delivery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rear wheel bearings £20.00 plus delivery...
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    *** 96 white Glanza For sale *** Needs work, cheap

    Selling on behalf of a customer. 1996 White Glanza, previously damaged but not recorded. Imported in 2007 with 70k kms, now showing 97k, so approx 65k miles depending on when it was converted. Drives very well, engine and gearbox is excellent, virtually standard and unmodded. Needs...
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    ***Clearance Parts***

    RS-R Super down Springs (1) Normally £190.00 Sale price £100 + delivery ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Enterprise Induction kits (4) Normally £185.00 Sale price £100.00 + delivery...
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    ###Used parts for sale###

    Blitz de cat, good condition. The best de cat you can buy, bar none £150 plus delivery payment by bank transfer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cusco EP82 BMCS Good condition £60 plus delivery payment by bank transfer...
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    ### TD05 exhaust housing wanted ###

    Anyone got one lying about?
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    ### 4efte Crankshafts wanted ~~~

    As above peeps, good condition, let me know what you have
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    T M Developments Banzai Feature

    A class act Storming to an impressive class title in 2010's Toyota Sprint Series, the TM Developments Starlet is a little car that made a big impression on the competition in its first year. Here's how the TMD crew accomplished it Banzai
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    ***Cusco 1.5 Way LSD for sale***

    Cusco 1.5 Way LSD. Perfect for track use and in excellent condition, complete with bearings. Using the correct oil these diffs are almost silent £450 plus delivery
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    ***Quaife ATB Diff for sale***

    Quaife ATB diff. Just serviced by Quaife so in as new condition, complete with bearings £550 plus delivery
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    GT-spec ct-9 hybrid for sale

    We have a GT-spec ct-9 hybrid for sale. This was taken in px from a customer. Immediately after it was bought (new) he had it sent to Universal turbos to be checked and had a 360 thrust fitted. They have warranted it at 1.3 bar and it has the remaining warranty. We lent this to a customer while...
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    Merry Christmas to you all

    Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for your continuing support throughout 2010 and we look forward to bringing you some exciting new products next year. Have a good one and drive carefully peeps
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    ~~~ More new products added ~~~

    Have a look here
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    ###T M Developments~TSS Class B champions 2010###

    We are pleased to announce Class B results for the Toyota Sprint Series 2010 TMD Class B winners by 30 points 5th overall I would like to thank all the sponsors, official and unofficial. Simon and Liam for general pit support and Darren for some bloody amazing driving skills...
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    ***Many new parts added***

    We have added lots of new parts lately, EP82 full suspension bush kits, Ultra Racing bars and braces and other bits and pieces. Have a look here There will be some exciting new products in the new year as well :)
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    ***Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel TD05 Kit***For sale***

    Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel TD05 Kit TD05 16g Racetech SS Ext wastegate manifold, downpipe and screamer Tial water cooled 38mm wastegate Braided Oil feed Return pipe Water pipes with heat reflective sleeving Ceramic coating has some wear £1200...