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  1. dave-gtturbo

    Gt Advance, toms kit, roll cage and more...

    Deposit Taken For sale: Item Condition: No tax/mot for last 4 years. Car started and ran fine - just needed a new turbo when she went off the road. Had a headgaskt and belts < 400 miles ago. Besides the front bumper, she is immaculate inside and out. I'm completely uninterested in removing...
  2. dave-gtturbo

    Advice on resolving a dispute with Honda over an 08 Type R

    Hi all, I've got an 08 Civic Type R, which I purchased just under 2 years ago. I's covered 36,000 miles and has a full Honda dealership service history. Its warranty expired at the end of June last year (just over 6 months ago), and over the last year I've had a string of problems which...
  3. dave-gtturbo

    Crazy attempt at parallel parking (followed by a total breakdown) :-/ She burns out the clutch and everything! :haha:
  4. dave-gtturbo

    The real reason PSN is down - all personal details stolen... Turns out when PSN was hacked all personal details were stolen too - names, address, dob's and credit card details too. Make sure you cancel any cards associated with your PSN if...
  5. dave-gtturbo

    Outsmarting a child the old fashioned way Saw it reddit earlier - i properly lol'd! Dave
  6. dave-gtturbo

    Soo.. Anyone else bought a Humble Bundle? The newest one is available now! Newest bundle just came out :)
  7. dave-gtturbo

    Formula one - the killer years - anyone seen it?

    Just watched this after a recommendation from a friend at work - what a crazy documementary. If you've got an hour to spare it's well worth using it to watch this! Dave
  8. dave-gtturbo

    How a differential works (explained) in 5 minutes.

    Chaps, check this out - differentials explained in a simple way: Hopefully someone appreciates it! Dave
  9. dave-gtturbo

    White Glanza, Polloksheilds, Glasgow?

    Just off Kenmure street? Anyone know who it is? I'm sure I've seen it about the west end too. Dave
  10. dave-gtturbo

    Balotelli vs. Bib :haha:
  11. dave-gtturbo

    GT5 Pics?!

    Alright folks, Anyone else noticed how good the GT5 pics come out? Anyway, how about some races online? Dave
  12. dave-gtturbo

    More free (and legal!) music. Best yet ;) Join it, download it and use it - it's awesome :D Similar to (but not browser based so it's faster), and so on. Basically: Free music in a standalone client, like having the biggest music iTunes library ever, except with collaborative...
  13. dave-gtturbo

    Silver GT, on A9 heading north :)

    Seen you a fewd ays ago at the front of a set of traffic lights on the A9, silver GT with (i think) black quads on it! Was looking good, just wondered if anyone knows who it was? Dave
  14. dave-gtturbo (greddy software, info and more...) available again :)

    Alright chaps, I was diggin about a few days ago for some emange software, and I knew that the old website had it all - before it shut down. So I've used a few webarchive things before (to get the solutions to uni work from a year or two ago lol), and I thought I'd check if...
  15. dave-gtturbo

    E-mails from an Asshole (lol!) That website is amazing, read some of the stories on it, particularly this one: and Amazing :D Dave
  16. dave-gtturbo

    Another french car bodge up... LOL! Have you ever seen such a pikey mod? (Just seen it over on UKSC btw :D) Dave
  17. dave-gtturbo

    Toby@ToyTuning selling a car, with contact details...

    Well, I guess this should help you folk who are in need of parts or money... Toby Aspinall is the seller ^ Seen that over on UKSC just there. Dave
  18. dave-gtturbo

    Engine trouble :(

    Alright folks, I've had a spot of trouble (the first in over 2 years of ownership!) with my starlet :( I was driving a fairly long journey (about 200 miles) to go on holiday, and I've always loads of confidence in my car, so I took the scenic route... Anyway, about 100 miles into the...
  19. dave-gtturbo

    New free online music streaming service (like seeqpod and

    Alright folks, Prior to my posts about and (both music streaming websites). For the unfamiliar, its like having an iTunes the size of the internet, that you can log into anywhere, and access your playlists anywhere :) (great to have...
  20. dave-gtturbo

    The Obama Deception - anyone seen it?

    First of all, I do not believe all the junk that is in these conspiracy theory films :) Secondly, the information presented in this (i had a read at a few reviews) is factual, although possibly presented in a biased way :) So, anyone seen it? It...