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  1. dave-gtturbo

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    I've got nothing but fond memories of this place :-D Saw it in my bookmarks and thought I'd pop back - pretty quiet eh?! Good to see some of the old names still knocking about! You still got the fleet, Jay? I think I need to get another one... Dave
  2. dave-gtturbo

    Rustproofing an EP

    When my last GT entered the country we coated the underside with waxoyl (used a spraygun) and after 5 years and 40k miles it was still immaculate (driven all summer and winter!). Glad to see the GT is being patched up Jay :)
  3. dave-gtturbo

    Any GT's for sell.

    Best places to check is the for sale (gt) section on here, and the for sale forum over on UKSO :) Best of luck Dave
  4. dave-gtturbo


    Id-Workz is headed up by a chap named Idrees - he's been on the forum for 8+ years :) I'd buy from them without question. Cheers, Dave
  5. dave-gtturbo

    Gt Advance, toms kit, roll cage and more...

    Aye, she's just been chilling out in my garage for the last 4 years :-D Hopefully the right person comes along - she's got *so* much potential, and doesn't need much to be an awesome car again Oh and, now's your chance, Phil! :-D Cheers, Dave
  6. dave-gtturbo

    Gt Advance, toms kit, roll cage and more...

    Had a few people contact me now asking for more photos - highlighted the two albums full of pictures inside and out. Cheers, Dave
  7. dave-gtturbo

    Gt Advance, toms kit, roll cage and more...

    Hey man, Yea - it's a long story, so I'll give ye the short version! She had a crack on the head, where it joins to the manifold - I had the head replaced (new head, rebuilt, skimmed etc) and immediately the turbo went :( I bought a wee runner (I'd just started a new job) with plans to get...
  8. dave-gtturbo

    Gt Advance, toms kit, roll cage and more...

    Deposit Taken For sale: Item Condition: No tax/mot for last 4 years. Car started and ran fine - just needed a new turbo when she went off the road. Had a headgaskt and belts < 400 miles ago. Besides the front bumper, she is immaculate inside and out. I'm completely uninterested in removing...
  9. dave-gtturbo

    Who's Seen The Shit Going Down On UKSC!!

    Yea, Enzo should go to the Police - he's invested time and money into this, his user submitted content has been stolen, and his webspace defaced :/ There is no way it's not criminal... The defacing alone is criminal. Especially when someone involved is offering to buy the site from him. Mental...
  10. dave-gtturbo

    Who's Seen The Shit Going Down On UKSC!!

    I'm actually appalled :-/ I just checked an old email account, and (after logging into the 'new' site) they appear to have taken ownership of all users details and submitted content - images, names, locations, passwords, email addresses etc etc... P.S. Arnold, you missed the end of the email...
  11. dave-gtturbo

    3S starlet done finally

    Loving it, Dan. Glad to see it looking so good, a fine bit of work! Dave
  12. dave-gtturbo

    Annoyed. :(

    So they mapped his car and are responsible for his clutch not being up to the map? :-/
  13. dave-gtturbo

    1980 Datsun Skyline any one!!! Photo heavy!!

    Bit of t-cut and some fresh fuel and you'll be good to go.
  14. dave-gtturbo

    Look at the spec of this thing!

    Looks serious to me: :O
  15. dave-gtturbo

    Carbon interior bits

    Hey, Arnold, try this URL instead to view the pics: It's a neat trick that works most places (appending will get the Coral content distribution network to get the page, archive it, and forward it on to...
  16. dave-gtturbo

    Carbon interior bits

    That is lovely. The rocker cover looks fantastic.
  17. dave-gtturbo

    where to get ep82 with uni-chip mapped

    Check out PerformanceHQ in Dalgety Bay. Ross (Russ?) knows his stuff.
  18. dave-gtturbo

    Wheres all the enthusiasts gone? - old timer

    That just about covers it for me too. I'm here every (other?) day, but nowhere near as active as I used to be. Seems to be the case for a load of the long term members... Dave