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  1. ChrisGT

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    <3 Still pop in for the occasional visit
  2. ChrisGT

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    What do we reckon Cal is up to these days then lads? He must be pushing 25/26? (I'm 27 now - 18 when I bought by GT!)
  3. ChrisGT

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    Aha, howdy fellas! Some names I remember very well in this thread. Hope you are all well :)
  4. ChrisGT

    I always end up back on this forum...

    A part of me is always tempted to get one as a toy. Hopefully in a few more years, there will still be some decent examples about! I always wonder where mine is these days.... :(
  5. ChrisGT

    I always end up back on this forum...

    It seems to be every year or so, I get bored, and end up back on here looking at some GT Turbos! :) I was 18 when I got my GT, I'm soon to be 27 now!!! Crazy
  6. ChrisGT

    I always end up back on this forum...

    I'm good man. Long time no speak! Driving an E46 328Ci, had it for a couple years now...thinking of a newer 3 series diesel next (boring! lol)
  7. ChrisGT

    I always end up back on this forum...

    Hahaha hey all you guys! I remember all of ya, Dan especially! Hows it going guys? What you driving these days? I logged into my photobucket account the other day and there were 100s of pics of the GT and I thought I'd come back and say hi (again).
  8. ChrisGT

    Wheres all the enthusiasts gone? - old timer

    The amount of time I used to spend reading this forum was ridiculous! Wish I could track down my GT and buy it back :(
  9. ChrisGT

    Back after 4 years

    I think I remember you!!! Sold my Starlet over 3 years ago now, still miss it! :(
  10. ChrisGT

    I always end up back on this forum...

    hey guys...anyone still around??
  11. ChrisGT

    Tragic loss to the starlet world : RIP Dave Burwash!

    Terrible news. Bought a fair few things off Mr. Burwash in times gone by... RIP Dave...
  12. ChrisGT

    lol @ this pic in my photobucket

  13. ChrisGT

    Skyline Movie

    Looked cool, but the reviews have been terrible so far. I am disapoint! :(
  14. ChrisGT


    Haha. I'm pretty good thanks, yourself?? Definitely missed TGTT. Saw a GT driving back from work on Weds and made me want to come back. I wish I had enough money, I'd so love a GT again!!! Miss it! :(
  15. ChrisGT


    Riko/Dylan/linglz still post n shizzle? Yeh, I missed the lulz tbh. I'm still rocking the BMW crew, E46 now...sold the E36, too much gone wrong! lol
  16. ChrisGT

    Looking at getting a new car. . . Any info on these BMWS

    No point getting a BMW 3 series if its not a 6 cyl really. Had an E36 328i and now an E46 328Ci. Look out for rust in the E36's for sure, and electrical problems and just be smart when viewing, check everything possible - bit of common sense really mate!
  17. ChrisGT

    Laugh for a Friday!

  18. ChrisGT

    337bhp Starlet GT turbo for sale

    Gorgeous GT!
  19. ChrisGT


    Long time no visit, hows life going over on TGTT? I missed you all muchly.