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  1. dac69er

    Bloody waterpumps!!!!!!

    Has anyone else had issues with waterpumps leaking after only a short period of use? My runaround mk1 had a slight leak from the seal. It was 5 years old and I though bugger it, I will swap the cambelt and pump and get it done. This was in November last year. Didn't use the car over winter...
  2. dac69er

    Gearbox synchros?

    Currently have my gearbox at the rebuilder and he said the synchros aren't that easy to get hold of anymore so is going to take a little longer than expected. I know you can get genuine still via IDworkz, but it doesn't look like they do them all? 3rd gear, which is the main issue doesn't seem...
  3. dac69er

    flywheel differences?

    has anyone noticed differences between the flywheels of different years at all? these differences seem to be very small, but they are there. i have 2 flywheels; 1 is from my mk1 GT, but i believe its had a swapped engine from an auto as some bummer had fitted the auto spacer plates and shorter...
  4. dac69er

    Poly engine mount modifications

    I removed my poly mounts a few years back as I couldnt stand the vibrations from them. I had the idea to add additional holes to reduce vibration and make them as close to oem feel as possible due to it being hard to find replacement oem mounts anymore. I contacted powerflex about doing this...
  5. dac69er

    steering racks

    are the ep91 and ep82 power steering racks the same? in short, can they be swapped between the 2 without modification? i know the steering columns themselves differ, so want to be sure about the racks before i buy a spare. thanks
  6. dac69er

    Coil differences?

    I am aware there are 2 different coils, the older push on type and the clip type. Are they the same other than the clip part? I want to try a new coil on my mk1 and rather than replace the coil, dizzi and leads I wondered if i could simply remove the clip part and then push on my current...
  7. dac69er

    dent removal?

    i was stupid when i was doing my ep85 conversion all those years ago and managed to put a dent in the fuel tank. it stresses me out and i want to sort it out. i want to try and attack it from the outside and just improve it, it doesnt have to be perfect. i reckon one of those weld on tag...
  8. dac69er

    fuel tank removal?

    looking at removing the fuel tank on my GT over the winter to give it a birthday. it looks relatively straight forward to remove. is there anything to watch out for, or any pointers anyone can give me? can it be removed without removing the exhaust? any assistance is appreciated.
  9. dac69er

    knock sensor gone bad?

    for no reason that i can find, every time i take my car out the knock readings appear to get higher and higher and higher! tonight i got a reading of >60, i normally get a max of 30 if that. fuelling is ok, looking at the wideband, there is no issue and is fuelling the same as always...
  10. dac69er

    harness bar: where should i mount the support bars?

    what does everyone think? i need to either shorten them or extend them to fit, but where do you reckon would be the best place to attach them? yellow or red?
  11. dac69er

    fuel pump relay location?

    Does anyone know where I would find the fuel pump relay on a mk1 GT? It's not any of the relays in the fuse box in the engine bay. Thanks
  12. dac69er

    clonky steering!?

    In an effort to give my daily GT some love I have been working through all its little niggly issues. next on the list is the steering. All seems generally fine, but if I am at a standstill and move the steering from side to side, I get a clonk sound? I have tried to trace it and had no...
  13. dac69er

    vibration from front of car on acceleration?

    my car has always had a slight vibration up the front whenever you accelerate. you can feel it as the torque pulls you and it reduces when the torque drops off. the issue is worst when the car has only been going for a few miles. after a bit of a run, its not as bad. i am thinking it could be...
  14. dac69er

    Wanted: GT power steering rack

    anyone got a good one for sale?
  15. dac69er

    camskill- no longer selling parts :(

    just found this out :( was a bit shocked, they reckon they will come back bigger and better, but im not so sure myself. they have been a go to place for starlet parts for as long as i can remember. they always had a good range of bits, aftermarket and genuine toyota parts. service was...
  16. dac69er

    door striker, metal split :(

    any ideas on the best way to tackle this? top left spotweld has a pretty bad split. bottom right one is just starting to go. door has always be a bit of a bitch to close, obviously the extra flex wasn't helping matters! was thinking of just adding a few extra tacks on the support plate from...
  17. dac69er

    squeak from engine at startup?

    Its not very loud and I get about a squeak a second on idle. Bringing up the revs doesn't seems to speed up the squeak as much as you would think. I have tried altering the electrical load as well as power steering and that makes no difference. It only happens on start up from cold(but not...
  18. dac69er

    dampers/shocks are they all the same?

    mine are slacker than a prostitutes knickers so looking to stick a nice fresh set on. looking at the kyb excel g. online there seem to be quite a few different types that fit the starlets. i looked on camskill and they list a set for early ep82s and a different set for later ep82 and...
  19. dac69er

    anyone taken apart/rebuilt their own gearbox???

    i am attempting to replace the rear bearings in the gearbox whilst on the car. i have heard it is relatively simple. i just wanted to confirm something before i continued as have never had a gearbox apart before :confused: do i remove the top syncro hub and the bottom gear with a gear...
  20. dac69er

    any boiler/heating engineers on here???

    I have an issue with air in my boiler system, i will start from the beginning trying to keep it brief. system is an standard vented system, basic boiler with 2 motorized valves, an external pump and a tank in the loft etc. last known date of any work being done was 1996 when 5l of fernox was...