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  1. wickedep

    2019 Annual Sale..25% OFF

    Hey guys, its that time of year again. 25% OFF on ALL manifold+downpipe combos $100 OFF on TD04 Hybrid turbo kits $200 OFF on all Garrett turbo kit Prices Valid from 1st-31st October..!!! PM us for more info.
  2. wickedep

    WEPR CT9

    Hey guys, We've had unique situation which has led to the development of our CT9 Hybrid turbo. Over here the Starlets/Glanzas run in a homologated race class where you are allowed to upgrade the CT9 to a hybrid as long as it retains stock compressor/turbine housings. There by, our mission...
  3. wickedep

    WEPR Demo EP82...483whp/542nm wheel torque....

    Hey guys, i had a previous thread for our shop car..but none of the pics work due to i've decided to delete it and just start afresh. For those who are not familiar with our are some details in a nutshell..actual mod list is too long to itemize lads. 1995 EP82...
  4. wickedep

    2016 Annual Sale now on...25% OFF+Free screamer on ANY manifold combo.

    Hello guys, as the title says...our annual sale is on for the month of October. we are offering 25% OFF (and screamer comes free) on any manifold/downpipe/screamer combo we have. this is a great chance to take advantage of some massive saving. hope everyone manages to get their orders in. Sale...
  5. wickedep

    2015 Annual Sale starts 1st October !!!

    Hi lads, as most of you guys know we have our annual sale in the month of October. The sale will be starting 1st October to 31st October, 2015. **all manifold/downpipe combos will be 25% OFF. **all TD04 turbo kits will be 75gbp OFF **all intake manifolds 60gbp OFF **all...
  6. wickedep

    Terms & Conditions. Please read before ordering.

    Payment: PayPal or bank wire transfer are accepted forms of payment. All purchases must be made in full before shipping. customer is liable for any PayPal or bank fees. Fees are generally included in quotations unless otherwise specified by WEPR. Returns: it is the customers responsibility to...
  7. wickedep

    Group Buy?? CT9 Ram Style set up (non-stock location) inside!

    hey guys.. we have a non stock location ram style manifold set up available for the those folks who are adamant on staying with the stock stock frame CT9 turbos. this set ups ideal for those running CT9 hybrids/billets or even stock ct9. was wondering how much interest there would be for a...
  8. wickedep

    Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to wish all our friends and customers a very merry Christmas !!! Hope you guys enjoy the holidays and wish all of ya'll the very best for the coming new year. Drive safe guys!! Sacha & WEPR Team.
  9. wickedep

    2014 WEPR annual sale...begins October 30th !!!

    hey lads, just a heads up!! our 2014 annual sale begins 30th October... *ALL manifold/downpipe combos are 25% OFF If you've been waiting to purchase some WEPR's the chance to get to it :) If ya'll need any quotes...just post is up on this thread and we will get back to you with...
  10. wickedep

    Some weldporn...what do ya'll think of the WEPR logo/tag ??

    hey guys.. if ya'll have been following us on FB or'd have noticed that lately we've been working very hard to improve the welding aesthetics of our products... here's some shots of how our s/s manifold will look from now on... we've even upgraded our work...
  11. wickedep

    WEPR Billet TD04 pics added !!

    hey guys... all WEPR TD04 kits are now available with a billet upgrade for just $100 extra over the existing hybrid kit price. see below... this is a stage 1 billet,rated to 300-315bhp (conservative figure) with faster spool up. we have not yet decided on an individual price for this...
  12. wickedep

    Ballbearing 350whp big-turbo kit for sale...Just 1181gbp+paypal

    hey guys.. we have our old set up from our demo car up for sale as its just collecting dust here in our work shop. it could use a good home.... the kit comes with a custom triple balbearing gt30 platform with the 76mm compressor wheel and a custom cast turbine housing and wheel for fast spool...
  13. wickedep

    Happy New Year TGTT'ers !!!

    Just like to wish everyone here a very happy new year. 2013 has been a great year for WEPR and we'd be nowhere without our fans, customers and staff !!! as 2014 dawns on us, we will keep aiming to bring you guys the best products out there. thanks again and hope the good lord blesses...
  14. wickedep

    2013' Annual SALE has begun..up to 25% off !!!

    Here's the prices for 2013 guys... WEPR Race-spec custom alloy Intake manifold (no throttle body) -- $495usd shipped+pp fees (regular retail $695usd shipped) comes without throttle body. ANY honda b-series throttle body (even stock) will fit and work with our manifold. this gives the customer...
  15. wickedep

    WEPR toyota starlet CT9 screamer de-cat

    hey guys, here's something we've been making on custom requests for customers..but we've now added it permenently to our product line-up. beautifully crafted with the solid durability you'd expect from WEPR..this ct9 screamer de-cat flows the highest out of all our decats thus giving you the...
  16. wickedep

    COMING: wickedEP Racing Annual SALE 25% OFF...

    hey guys.. in just 7 days we start our annual sales again... DONT miss out guys.... sacha wickedEP Racing
  17. wickedep

    For Sale - NEW CT9 m/s manifold..just $205usd shipped

    hey guys, i've a brand new wepr m/s CT9 manifold for sale. just $205usd shipped+paypal (reg retail $350usd) fees to the UK. PM if interested. thanks.. sacha
  18. wickedep

    away till the 27th may!!

    Hey lads, i am away overseas till the 27th of this month. Please bare with me, i will try to reply pm's as fast as i can. Thanks! sacha
  19. wickedep

    Group Buy interest for Ultra Racing front/rear strut bar combo ??

    hey guys, would anyone be interested in Ultra Racing front/rear strut bar combos below... 2pt front strut bar + 2pt rear strut bar combo -- $255usd shipped+paypal fees 2pt front strut bar + 3pt rear strut bar combo -- $275usd shipped+paypal fees prices apply to UK/scotland/ireland. it may...
  20. wickedep

    used wepr s/s 2.5' de-cat for $165usd shipped

    hey guys.. we have a decat which a customer used for about 500km's for sale. the guy upgraded to he is not in need of this anymore. selling at cheap $165usd shipped and inclusive of paypal fees. will fit any cat back exhaust, comes braced as usual. thanks! sacha