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    Hi folks long time no speak all the old timers still hear ?

    Ain't posted on hear in a long time but I Think the time has come to call it aday in the starlet scene iv been to the moon and back with these cars and have had a lot o fun experience tuning and playing with them that I'll never forget :( But the time has come to move on to bigger and better...

    Double canards to suit toms front bumper (carbon?)

    Hi folks it's been a long time since iv been on hear Summer has arrived now for some spending haha Anyone got the above ur no of any universal ones that will fit ? Pre carbon cheers

    For sale: personal 350mm steering wheel

    For sale: personal 350mm steering wheel condition:used bud good it has small hairline cracks in the leather but don't affect it at all info:350mm wheel with red stitching (used to steer things) price: £80ono deliverd to uk mainland or small charge world wide depending on location

    Wanted iPhone

    What u got ? Just dropped mine in the snow and now I can't phone folk and iv got no sound ! Neep a new one ASAP

    For those who was trying to pm me my inbox is empty

    For those who was trying to pm me my inbox is now empty

    Help Long time forum boys I need to pic ur brains

    For those of u that have been on the forum for year's Dose any one remember the guy from newzeland that was selling a alloy intake manifold And everyone slated it to bits ??? I think his user name was something like 4age ??? I'm looking to talk to him about a few things but can find him anywhere !

    blitz ct9 to k24/26 adaptor plate and wastegate pipe to suit sard 4 bolt wastegate

    For Sale:blitz ct9 to k series/ t25 adaptor and wastegate pipe to suit sard 4 bolt wastegate ceramic coated blue (this cost £50 alone) never been ran since condition:used but in excellent condition info:this is made from cast and iv never seen one crack this ct9 to k24/26 adaptor allows u to...

    few pics of my new zisco manifold

    these are from when i trial fitted it the turbo angle it awesome since then iv done a few hundred miles and it turned a tidy color:p :rockon:

    For sale ep82 factory recaro rails ps & ds

    Forsale: ep82 factory fitted recaro rails ps & ds condition: used but in excellent condition info: these can be used to fit many recaro seats inc buckets with slight mods and can be fitted to a ep91 if u realign the rear brackets slightly price: sold pm me for more info

    For sale ep82 indigo dials

    For sale: ep82 indigo dials condition: used but in good working order info: the glow a fancy color and can be changed to fancier colors :haha: price:sold pm me for more info

    For sale: genuine EP82 GI bonnet in black

    For sale:ep82 GI bonnet black in colour condition:used with a few stone chips but still looks mint on the car info:same bonnet as a gt but with a bulge intead of a scoop :rockon: will only work with a front mount intercooler price:should have been more few chips on...

    Tsg meets kingswells park & ride this sat 4/7/12

    As title says its this weekend so get polishing it's usually a good turnout Further info can be found hear

    Wanted ASAP

    I'm looking for a gt gear gator or my car or just the plastic bit for the inside of the rubber gator it's self Also lookin for a mk1 grill for a customer Let me no what u got folks

    LSD mount on eBay !

    iPhone users

    Download iboost from the app store :haha:Quality My mate had it threw the stereo in his escort van :drive:

    Std boost gauge problems

    Hi folks iv got a customers gt in for a little work and his std boost gauge ain't working on the dash all map sensor pipes etc are all correct Any ideas ? It's a mk1 gt if that makes any difference

    wanted hdi hot side pipe the one with bov out let asap

    wanted hdi cold pipe the one with the bov outlet need one of these asap ! ;)

    For sale silkroad ct9 exhaust manifold (discontinued)

    For sale:silkroad ct0 exhaust manifold condition: was cracked but has been professionally tig welded and ink tested for cracks and is now in good condition also has a hole for egt sensor comes on all these manifolds but the blanker has been in there for a long time ! info:this was a very...

    For sale 3x 5e 74.5 scat pistons & pouter con rods

    For sale:3x 5e 74.5 scat pistons & pouter con rods condition:used for 5000miles with a customer and 500 very hard miles with me but the engine suffered bottom end failure (4 laps of knockhill ;) toy tunings build quality :p these are the only things worth saving the other one is a paper wait...

    For sale 4e/5e baffled sump zep ???????

    For sale: unknown baffled sump possibly zep ??? condition/info:the welding on this is shocking but works fine this was sold to a customer of mine years ago from a very old trader toby tunning ? sure someone will confirm his name .he was told it was a genuine zep baffled sump (if it is it...