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  1. Sheldon

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    Hey all... went from constantly being on this forum.. to not loging in for ages!! forum still busy as it was?? :) if the old ones remember me.. i still own the glanza but dont use it much and nothing much have been done.. got a suzuki cappuccino that took me even more away from the glanza...
  2. Sheldon

    WANTED emanage blue

    any cheap emanage blue for sale?
  3. Sheldon

    Post you external wastgate location!

    Hi lads can you please post pics of your external wastgate location and dump tube? looking to find the "best" way/location for an external as i need to modify my manifold and install it. Thanks, Sheldon
  4. Sheldon

    external wastgate springs

    what spring did you use if you want 1 bar boost? if you used a 1 bar spring, did it hold 1 bar perfectly? and if you used a 10psi spring and a boost controller to up the boost.. did it hold the higher boost perfect? thanks ;)
  5. Sheldon

    WANTED: external wastgate

    Anyone got an external wastegate for sale? nothing big.. 38mm would be perfect
  6. Sheldon

    any car meets london area 23dec - 31dec ?

    Im going to be in london fror xmas and nye. 22ndec till 2 Anything related to cars ? meets? during these dates ? im going to be in london, victoria..
  7. Sheldon

    2 power flex mounts + 1 stock mount = loadz of vibrations?? please look

    Hi all.. soo.. i had changed the front gearbox mount and engine mount to powerflex ones and left the rear gearbox mount standard brand new. i done this thinking it would vibrate less.. but i am getting a vibration in the hood bumper and steering and even the roof! on idle esp! do you think...
  8. Sheldon

    installing aerocatch bonnet locks?

    Anyone had a go installing aerocatch bonnet locks? can post pics from under the bonnet and top ? or even if anyone took pics of the process :) thanks!
  9. Sheldon

    you think you have seen it all ?

    morris 1000 pickup...... yep with a 4efte :) welcome to MALTA! hah!
  10. Sheldon

    DIYPNP plug n play ECU

    anyone ever tried the diypnp megasquirt ecu? here is the link this kit will be a plug and play ecu to our harness you just need to assemble it.. would like to know if anyone did this and encountered...
  11. Sheldon

    Jam racing ep82 ecu plug and play

    For sale: JAM RACING EP82 plug and play ECU Item Condition: good working order, works perfectly.. some cosmetic scratches etc, non will effect performance Price and price conditions: 500gbp + postage and fees Extra Info: plug and play ecu for the starlet gt turbo by JAM RACING, we all know...
  12. Sheldon

    WANTED - intercooler core

    Wanted an intercooler core lik the autobahn / greddy type.. nothing big.
  13. Sheldon

    Vacuum points - vacuum block Please read

    So, il start with the problem etc.. i noticed that the boost guage is readin -19/-20psi vacuum on idle, the EBC is reading -50/-51hKpa thats about -7.2psi, and the Greedy map sensor on the ultimate reading about -10psi! who the fuck im gonna beleive ? now that im thinkin i didnt try them...
  14. Sheldon

    Wishbone size for powerflex front arm front bush

    I want to change to these LINK! But it says that they fit only 34mm arms only. i want to know if they fit a 96 glanza v ? so i dont have to take the wishbone off just to check the size... anyone? Thanks!
  15. Sheldon

    Hand Break Cable - Please look

    So, im changing to braided brake lines, and i noticed that the driver side hand break is not releasing fully. (wheel still turning freely) tried to pull the cable etc bot didn't help. passenger side is fine. tried to look under the car and noticed that everything is covered by the exhaust...
  16. Sheldon

    Tomorrowland 2012 - Anyone?

    Anyone planing on going for this years tomorrowland?? Anyone from belgium over here?
  17. Sheldon

    strange one! - cutting at 2.5k

    Have a friends glanza, when you build up revs slowly and hit 2.5k it will start cutting and going back to 2.5k, if you floor it it wont cut, see vid for a better explanation. the problem is more from 0.36min onwards. now what we know is that, TPS is...
  18. Sheldon

    what braided brake lines do you use?

    So, after fitting coilovers.. they didn't clear and my brake lines are almost wriped off. now i want to invest in some braided brake lines. can you advice on what your using and how was the fit? i was told that some brands wont fit perfectly and you need to file down the securing...
  19. Sheldon

    Sent you a PM Texx

    sent you a PM and didn't get a reply, just to check if you received it? sheldon
  20. Sheldon

    URGENT!!!! WANTED OEM LSD rear gearbox mounting bracket!!

    Wanted rear gearbox mounting bracket (not the actual mounting but the bracket that holds it to the gearbox. can get this from toyota for 30euros but would take 14days to arrive!!! anyone please got one?? part num 12321‑11230 the black bracket at the back! PM Me or e-mail...