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  1. mickscanlon

    abs ecu problem

    hi. a lad i know bought a crashed glanza an fixed it up, only problem he's haven is the abs ecu was broke so bought a second hand one.. it worked for about 5 meters dwn the road and it blew aswell.. dis has happened twice has anybody any idea why this cud happen.. he's changed all 4 sensors 2..
  2. mickscanlon


    was at sankeys nite club in manchester on friday nite.. seen james zabiela dare.. dat club is bangn.. pure rave station.. it was packed and ppl wer nuts.. i didn get dare till 1am and was well on it at dat stage but had a deadly few hours.. has anyone been dare before from the site and wat did...
  3. mickscanlon

    new decs

    just got a set ov cdj 1000's mk 3.. cant wait to get a go on them... moven on from the vinyl... does anyone have dem and wat do day think..:):)
  4. mickscanlon


    hey im lookn for one ov theese to get my girlfriend.. been checkn the net out but not many around ireland.. does anyone no of anybody selling one.. a puppy.. probley a long shot but worth a try... tanx..:):)...
  5. mickscanlon

    98 front bumper

    lookn for a 98 spec front glanza bumper.. if anyone has one for sale contact me.. cheers :)
  6. mickscanlon

    upgrading to hybrid...

    hey im upgrading to the hybrid ct9 would it be advisable to upgrade the injecters or is der any need.. is der any need to upgrade anythin else with it.. any info is much appreciated..
  7. mickscanlon

    ripped off

    hey just bought 3 blitz blm gauges. the boost gauge was reading the rong boost so i sent it back as faulty witout tampering with it or anything... i got it in america... so i post it off it cost me 5 euro to post... blitz email me sayn it wasnt faulty an dat i done it which wasnt even...