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    Any lorry drivers outhere?

    Well for those who remember me hows it going? Lots has happened over the years (More or less the last time I was LOGGED IN) but I am a ghost user these days. Does Craig_GT Still have my old GT?? I see your a mod now?? Anyways been driving wagons for couple of years now and wondering if...
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    Motorbike Theory Test Discs

    Wanted - Motorbike Theory Test Discs. Pref the most up do date discs inc hazard perception, had a look on eBay, but thought ad try here first. Can pay using paypal. Give me a PM.
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    One for the wife...

    And they say we lie when we tell them washin duties are theres:-
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    Can anyone reccomend a good

    Digital SLR camera? Around the £300 mark maybe? If can get a good branded one for cheaper all the better. Ive checked a few websites. CHeers.
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    Where to buy a good but cheap tool chest

    As title says something along the size of this:-
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    How topassword protect your router?

    How is this done? Ive logged in to my router settings via but theres nothing that shouts out "CLICK HERE TO SET A PASSWORD SO NO-ONE CAN ACCESS YOUR INTERNET FREE OF CHARGE" Any help is greatful..
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    Low Hard Drive Space

    Something keeps eating at my hardrive.. Taking up all the space.. I googled it and seemingly its the SYSTEM RESTORE points. So I deleted them and it freed up loads of GB's worth of space but its eating away again and now when I try to delete them the same way as before it aint doing it and I am...
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    Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16v LS - 2001 Y Reg - 100k Miles

    For sale: The GF's VXHL Astra 1.6 16v LS 5 door 2001 Item Condition: Well its a 7 years old car so there are a few blemishes but nothing that would put someone off buying it. Few scratches and scrapes which have been touched up. Couple of tiny dents from shopping trolleys, the normal...
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    White GT - Exmouth With The BAFFOON Driver?

    Just on Night Cops, Sky1 there a EP82 GT owner with what looks like 17" Khan Alloys had his car impounded for being a BAFFOON driver.. General BOY RACER stuff like over revving, wheel spins and driving at members of the public... Was a White GT with big wheels and exhaust and a sunstrip with a...
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    Which alloys for the Saab?

    Stuck on 2 diff sets... Looking at getting a set which are close to looking teh same as stock Saab wheels without the horrendous RRP.. Centre badges will be changed to Saab ones:- Or:-
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    New Car - Photoshop Request

    Got myself a Saab and fancy a set of alloys.. Used this WheelBase company twice before years ago and they sell decent enough alloys.. Anyways this is what they have on offer for the Saab...
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    Can you remember CAL?

    Remember that little tit who got banned? Here he is selling his GT:- Looks quite tidy for a 16yr old boy lol
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    Who gives a damn?

    Yeah who gives a damn about life?? Who trully cares whats happening in this world, in tehre daily accurances. in tehre work, whats going to happen tomorrow.. Does anyone really care??
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    BP Says Thank You

    £6.7bn proft in the last 3 months, up 23% from same time last year, somethign to do with the 30p increase since last year possibly? So thats £7bn 1st 3 months and now £6.7bn, we dont need to do the maths at whose getting royally buggered...
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    ISP Providers cracking down

    Whats peoples views on the top 6 ISP providers going to be sending out warning letters to people whom download music illegally off the internet?? It seems to be pointing mainly towards music downloads, even though you can DL games, films etc etc but there far harder to convert etc than what...
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    Fuel Prices Down..

    Asda 3p Morrisons 4p Sainsburys & Tesco 5p if you spend £50+ in there shops Good thing is that all other petrol stations also have went down to keep up with competition. Its a start but how long will it last? Will it go down any further? Oil prices will no doubt rise again? Or is this a...
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    If Buying New Car Make It Pre 2001

    As header says make it PRE 2001 unless its enviromentally friendly. Heres the new car tax prices:-
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    My Experience - Always Take CASH

    Well after trying to sell my van on the WWW and not having much luck apart from usual suspects of queries I put it up locally, and to my astonishment an old farm worker guy (60+ yrs old) phoned me up, looked at it and gave me £50 deposit (Via cheque which cleared) to secure the sale and I was...
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    New Rangers Home Top

    What you Gers fans think of it:-
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    My New Car

    Sold the van and got this baby today. Quite a nippy motor for teh age and mileage on it but got it for a good price. SPEC:- 2.5 V6 Auto for them super smooth gear changes. Full Aero Kit Alloys sprayed black Full S/S exhaust NOS Traction Control (Need this for when the NOS kicks in)...