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  1. Sheldon

    RIP this forum.

    well, you kind of can search on facebook. I still prefer a forum, but thats how things are going.
  2. Sheldon

    RIP this forum.

    id guess facebook took over? times change, people lose interest, other commitments etc.. for example ive been busy with life.. wotk new home wedding studies etc.. today i remembered of the forum and came to have a look.. :)
  3. Sheldon

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    oi oi... kind of forgot about this forum:) left my glanza in the garage as i was busy rebuilding a suzuki cappucino.. finished it with a forged engine ecu etc.. had it running really great and was loads of fun.. but looked at the glanza again and said fuckit.. sold the cappo and back to the...
  4. Sheldon

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    haha yeah! after 9 years i think... well still going strong with a bigger turbo etc :) dunno how most lads manage to blow 4es even on ct9's
  5. Sheldon

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    hah jay!! still here. still owning some eps? yeah the cappo is very small but im small too :haha: did a full rebuild of the engine installed an aftermarket manifold, turbo from a mira xx + decat and doing running in at the moment..
  6. Sheldon

    Italian driving style - Ferrari F430

    lucky or what!
  7. Sheldon

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    Hey all... went from constantly being on this forum.. to not loging in for ages!! forum still busy as it was?? :) if the old ones remember me.. i still own the glanza but dont use it much and nothing much have been done.. got a suzuki cappuccino that took me even more away from the glanza...
  8. Sheldon

    twinturbo 4efte...

    Wow..thats mega DIY.. Im guessing your using anything you find around ?:p hats of for trying this out.. Will you be using topmount IC?
  9. Sheldon

    It's been fun.....

    shame!! remember your car since i been on here!
  10. Sheldon

    Any crazy builds going on?

    all crazy builds are over here in malta :P everyone going 11s latley :o
  11. Sheldon

    Suzuki Cappuccino

    in the UK they tend to suffer from rust.. A LOT! thankfully im not in the UK :P
  12. Sheldon

    Suzuki Cappuccino

    after 5 years.... got one :D
  13. Sheldon

    higher oil presure mod

  14. Sheldon

    WANTED emanage blue

    any cheap emanage blue for sale?
  15. Sheldon

    lsd forged parts ebc zisco td04 kit hybrid td05 much more

    ist GBP or EUR prices??
  16. Sheldon

    3 bar map sensor

    if you want to sell the 3bar one send me a PM thanks :)
  17. Sheldon

    some help with bog

    may sound stupid but seen this prob. inlet manifold gasket? have you removed it at some point maybe? seen one leaking and when it launches/certain rpm it bogs down and then it goes normal
  18. Sheldon

    Leather effect cam cover

    what will the heat do ? :)
  19. Sheldon

    Emu car won't start

    easy way to see if its the unit itself is to find someone with one, plug his unit and see if it starts. if it does take his map and upload it to yours and see if then it starts.. if no send me a pic of the board with the version on it and i MAY help you to fix it..
  20. Sheldon

    FAO - Malta Guys!

    met the guy think 2/3 years ago we went to a meet.. but then never got to see him again.