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  1. mickscanlon

    abs ecu problem

    hi. a lad i know bought a crashed glanza an fixed it up, only problem he's haven is the abs ecu was broke so bought a second hand one.. it worked for about 5 meters dwn the road and it blew aswell.. dis has happened twice has anybody any idea why this cud happen.. he's changed all 4 sensors 2..
  2. mickscanlon

    Street racing piece on Sky news active now

    get onto sky news about it...:haha::haha:
  3. mickscanlon


    75 pound for a standing ticket... bit shit dat is...
  4. mickscanlon


    a sit down rave:haha::haha::haha::haha: tiesto is in ireland friday but cudn be arsed wit him.. bit boring i think..
  5. mickscanlon


    it was sweet man runners t-shirt and shirt jeans.. no problem.. didn seem to be dat strict wit anybody..was a young crowd 2 was chatn someone dat was just 16.. weird..
  6. mickscanlon


    i had booked the tickets duren the week all i had to do is show id and say my last 4 digits from the card.. someone already went in wit my name and card number.. i only booked dem 2 days before.. i still got in witout payen again but its mad how my details wer got..
  7. mickscanlon


    he's serious man he rocked sankeys anyway.. my first time ta see him.. through the shirt up for him ta sign an all ha ha.. ill put up a vid or 2 sound quality isnt the best tho..
  8. mickscanlon


    was at sankeys nite club in manchester on friday nite.. seen james zabiela dare.. dat club is bangn.. pure rave station.. it was packed and ppl wer nuts.. i didn get dare till 1am and was well on it at dat stage but had a deadly few hours.. has anyone been dare before from the site and wat did...
  9. mickscanlon

    Alice in Wonderland

  10. mickscanlon

    New Bumper, Pics!

    well done bud ya done a great job repairing it.. looks great on your car wit a fresh intercooler... best ov luck man..
  11. mickscanlon

    Alice in Wonderland

    seen it in manchester the weeknd on the imax and i taut the imax was sensational but the movie wasnt that exciting.. the whole 3d thing was spectacular on dat screen but as far as films go iv seen better.. my opinion..
  12. mickscanlon

    Nortwest Meet, Pics and Afterthoughts.

    cheers mate great to hear positive feedback makes it all worth it..
  13. mickscanlon

    Nortwest Meet, Pics and Afterthoughts.

    yeah dats a good idea galen and cheers mike aswell and nice one for organisen the meet great pics and good location to for pics and pint.. thumbs up..
  14. mickscanlon

    Nortwest Meet, Pics and Afterthoughts.

    was a great day and good turnout 2.. great to see so many v's looked after so well and gt was mint to.. cheers galen and johnny for your comments.... good to hear it was worth it.. was a bit cold outside but managed to get a pint in the end...happy dayz.. :beer:
  15. mickscanlon

    EP91 Backbox In N.I

    have a 5zigen back box.. very loud tho.. im in sligo..
  16. mickscanlon

    West/Northwest Irish Meet 7th March 3pm Sligo

    yeah but am in manchester the 13th march.. any other time and im dare.. hopefully..
  17. mickscanlon

    Your Favourite YouTube Music Videos ! luvstruck 2010 marco v remix..
  18. mickscanlon

    A day of rest

    nice one mike.. looks the bizz.. hows it sound... bit quieter dan the last one id say ha ha..
  19. mickscanlon

    AVATAR 3D...Saw it today

    deadly movie will def go see it again in 3D before it leaves the cinema..
  20. mickscanlon

    A question for the irish lads.

    i think the irish language is great and dont think it will die out.. i have young cousins who go to an irish speaking school.. there second language is english.. there parents speak to them in irish all the time and its deadly.. its a pitty its not better taught in schools for i dont no much...