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  1. customep-82

    what exhaust will fit?

    hey all i'm in need of some help, are there any exhausts that will direct fit my wepr downpipe? no modding and appart from one of sacha's lol thanks, tom.
  2. customep-82

    something i'd like to share with everyone....

    this has been making me laugh for days....
  3. customep-82

    new... sort of...

    hi guys and gals been off the site for quite a while, but have finally found the time to start workin on my starlet again so i thought get back on here and say hello. looks like there's been alot of changes on the forum, makes me feel like a newbie again lol. anyway i hope to get on here...
  4. customep-82

    belt size for undersize bottom pully???

    does anyone know if you need to get a smaller belt for the alternator/water pump when fitting an undersized bottom pully? if so where can i get one? or will the standard size still fit? thanks, tom.
  5. customep-82

    site language explained

    "what does 'x' mean?" i've seen this question asked so many times by new members not used to some of the abbreviations used on the site. so i have compiled a list of the most common used ones. if anyone has any to add please contact somhairle or myself so we can add them technical terms...