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    Polish drift machine

  2. customep-82

    thought i would share some pics of my car :)

    tom's rear wing ;)
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    New car (: Whats worth buying?

    forget economy and get one of these....
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    Hard Game if your bored...

    my cpu usage went up to 100% first time i opened it, but was ok 2nd time....
  5. customep-82

    Hard Game if your bored...

    done! 118 secs
  6. customep-82

    Ever seen the UK like this before?

    its all pretty till your boiler fucks up...
  7. customep-82

    [Photo] Engine Bay

    not the best pic.... i'll have to try and take a better one lol
  8. customep-82


    completed this the other day, haven't tried the co-op yet though
  9. customep-82

    Glowshift gauges - Anyone used before?

    i'll stick with my greddy's lol
  10. customep-82

    Proppa Driftin'

    nice :cool: didn't realise they did drift days at pod
  11. customep-82

    oil coming out of breather filter

    could be your pcv valve blocked...
  12. customep-82

    300whp Jamaica style

    can't belive i've only just found this thread! extreamly helpful and informative as usual rory can't wait to hear more
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    help . . . calipers

    you need corolla discs, mr2 turbo pads and a 10mm spacer between the hub and disc
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    I think someone needs a hug

    lmao!!! what was with the pig noises?
  15. customep-82

    toms kit or not?

    can you not make a permenant ramp?
  16. customep-82

    toms kit or not?

    i say make a ramp ;)
  17. customep-82

    what exhaust will fit?

    cheers for the input and pics jay. it might be easier if i get the 5zigen exhaust, line it all up and if it sits flush with sacha's downpipe but not in line i spose i can get the downpipe flange rotated.
  18. customep-82

    what exhaust will fit?

    just noticed that center pipe's upside down in the pic insn't it? damn lol have you seen any of sam's td04 downpipes? just wondering if the flange on those are the right way up...
  19. customep-82

    what exhaust will fit?

    yeah i just checked this exhaust - and it looks like that will fit it's one of sacha's old td04's and it's braced. the thing that confused me is...