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  1. H_D

    Ep91 hks exhaust question

    Does anyone the long the flexi pipe is on a HKS high power silent exhaust for an EP91. mines got stretched and ripped apart on a hump
  2. H_D

    Stock TMIC cover

    Looking for a stock TMIC cover please PM me Thanks
  3. H_D

    Ep91 TRD wishbone bushes

    Purchased these new years ago and never used them as i ended up fitting an anti lift kit instead. Any idea on what they might be worth and would anyone know if they would fit an ep82?
  4. H_D

    4efte engine

    anyone got a 4EFTE engine for sale. if I cant find one soon I will end up breaking my V :(
  5. H_D

    1996 Glanza V map sensor

    Im after a 1996 Glanza V map sensor Thanks
  6. H_D

    Drivers side rear caliper

    For sale: Drivers side rear caliper Item Condition: Immaculate Price and price conditions: £115 posted Extra Info: freshly rebuilt, painted, new seals etc, never fitted since rebuild Pictures: Contact Details: pm Location: leicester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: royal...
  7. H_D

    bad misfire

    Keep getting a really bad misfire when it rains, no water is getting into my engine bay at all. I have changed the plugs, dizzy cap and rotar arm, added extra earths to the coil and ignitor but no luck. Any suggestions
  8. H_D

    Map sensor question

    Is the vacuum nipple on the inlet for the map sensor supposed to be straight or does it come out at an angle? Its straight on my mates gt so not sure if mine is causing a restriction as it comes out at a 45° angle
  9. H_D

    Fuel pump check

    Which 2 ports do i connect on the diagnostic box to check if power is getting to the fuel pump?
  10. H_D

    Fuel pump hanger question.

    There are 3 pipes that connect to the fuel pump hanger. Im guessing one is for fuel delivery the other is for fuel return but not sure what the 3rd one is for? Can anyone enlighten me. Thanks
  11. H_D

    Diagrams and part numbers

    Found this site for part numbers and diagrams.
  12. H_D

    Running lean on boost

    Running td04, stock ecu and 6psi boost. Afr gauge is reading between 13-14 on boost with wide open throttle so i switched it off immediately. The AFR readings are fine on startup, idle and when off boost. In terms of the fueling setup the follwong has been done.... walbro pump fitted about 7...
  13. H_D

    Ep91 Blitz access ECU

    can anyone confirm is all of the blitz access ECUs were programmed the same for an EP91? did certain variances require bigger injectors or made for a specific turbo setup, i.e ct9, k1, k24, k26?
  14. H_D

    Box from japan

    Just got this delivered from japan. Zep racing full size twin core aluminium rad.
  15. H_D

    Gt sump and oil pickup

    In need of a gt sump and pickup.
  16. H_D

    DIY TD04 Water lines

    Got my td04 water lines locally for £50 all in. If you source all the parts yourself it will probably be a bit cheaper. If anyone is making their own you will need the following... 2x m12x1.25 to an6 adaptors 2x 45 degree an6 fittings. An6 braided hose (length varies on different setups) 2x...
  17. H_D

    td04 water lines

    Does anyone know the size of the fittings pictured below for TD04 water lines? Thanks
  18. H_D

    external wg question

    Has anyone connected the water lines on their tial 38mm ewg or do you just blank them off?
  19. H_D

    TD04 oil and water lines

    does anyone know what fittings I need to run braided oil and water lines for my td04, I have a company local to me that have quoted approx £50-60 for the set + fittings. I also need to know the lengths of each pipe. thanks
  20. H_D

    Clutch slave hard pipe

    I need the hard pipe between the clutch slave and clutch line. Pic in link.