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  1. Rickyt

    TRD coilovers, rebuild

    Hey lookin some help/info, looking to rebuild my TRD coilovers, been informed that it has been done before using KYB inserts, does anyone have part numbers for inserts needed for front and rear, also can confirm it can be done?! Cheers
  2. Rickyt

    Coolant hoses

    I recently purchased autobahn 88 coolant hose set off eBay as advertised glanza v ep91 4e-fte. When going to fit the hoses the nite I found that the lower hose is completely wrong in shape an length!! Is this a uk spec hose that received or what??
  3. Rickyt

    Dastek ecu

    Is this a good Ecu to run?? Lookin to run a td04 on this, worth it?? Good power gains etc
  4. Rickyt

    Fuel Pressure

    Hey, anyone know the standard fuel pressure on a glanza? Need to turn pressure back to standard for Mot. Thanks
  5. Rickyt

    Coolant temp adaptor

    Hey, just want to know the size of coolant temp sensor adaptor needed for the top rad hose so its the proper size wen orderin 1. the bore size??
  6. Rickyt

    HA HA civic's

    Just read that Honda wont be sellin the type r in the uk anymore due to the new emisson laws comin in, Euro 5 exh. regulations. Wont be as many of them to beat now lol
  7. Rickyt

    Return pipe td04

    Does any1 know who sells the td04 turbo return pipe on its own?? Am gettin the td04 oil and water lines off TM-Developments but no return pipe with it. Thanks
  8. Rickyt

    HKS Actuator Td04

    Was wanting to know if its easier to try and fit hks actuator to td04 turbo as the bracket is straight rather than the standard 1 which has an angle and make a hole on the end of the rod and use a bolt rather than the c clip way, i know the standard 1 is good for boost anyway just want to see if...
  9. Rickyt

    Rear Discs

    Wen replacing the rear discs on glanza do u have to fit new bearings?? Can the hub and bearing be fitted to new discs??
  10. Rickyt

    Decat and Mot

    Going for Mot at end of month and wanted to no if any1 has put there car through wit decat pipe on, any problems or shud i just whack the catalyst back on instead of my dceat pipe?? Cheers
  11. Rickyt


    Hey, will be goin TD04 soon and was wonderin if a blitz plug and play ecu will cope wit .9-1.0bar?? Can ya still run fcd,sld....also do i still need rrfp. If no fcd used and actuator set at 1bar will it sort itself out??
  12. Rickyt

    Td04 actuator pics

    As above, any1 got any pics of an actuator mounted to td04 after it has been rotated just give me an idea of wat can be done, as will need to get mine sorted soon. Cheers
  13. Rickyt

    Td04, A/c removal or not???

    Hey,will be gettin Td04 sorted soon enough, just rotated it 2nite to suit. Thinkin i shud get rid of air con for the better air intake,less weight an all... who does the shorter belt??
  14. Rickyt

    FCD setting??

    On my Hks Fcd there's a dial from 1-12 on the front, any1 know wat shud be at roughly. i no it depends wat ur runnin etc......fcd,rrfpr, hks actuator set to .9boost.
  15. Rickyt


    Wats the best size of injectors to use wen goin to TD04?? 330-550cc???
  16. Rickyt


    Can a HDI fmic be modified to suit a Td04 or not, if so has any1 done it. findin it hard to locate fmic for Td04. Feedback pls Cheers ricky
  17. Rickyt

    Fuel rail adaptor

    Hey, as above, lookin fuel rail adaptor so i can get my fpr on.
  18. Rickyt

    Glanza Bonnet

    Need a Glanza bonnet for my mate (98 Glanza) preferrably in white no damage some one reversed into his car and drove off while it was parked up. Private message me if anyone can help me.
  19. Rickyt

    SSR Wheel centre caps

    Does any1 no where i could source centre caps for SSR alloys, went 2 local alloy wheel shop and was told there an oddball size and would find them hard to get. any help appreciated!
  20. Rickyt


    Any help would be great on wat to try wen i go to Jay's for trial and error session. heres the prob- wen acceleratin the car hesitates(really chugs) only wen floorin it or high gear low revs worse wen engine is warm, self test dtc 12 so is ignition related. Plugs have be replaced, another member...