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  1. L3ANN3!!!!

    I have a Question thats bugging me

    Can you cry under water??????:confused:
  2. L3ANN3!!!!

    Happy Birthday Alan_d

    I would like to say happy birthday to My Boyfriend Alan_d He will probably kill me for putting thing up but i don't care as i think he should get as much attention even if he is a year older lol not telling his age tho!!!! Thats up to him lol Anyway Happy Birthday Babe Hope you have...
  3. L3ANN3!!!!

    Hey Im New

    Hey Im New to this site! Dont really know how to use it but im sure the husband will guide me threw :) (alan_d) Just thought id come in here n say hello to everyone. Haven't got a glanza yet! and i say YET. Just bought myself a new fiesta 30th anniversary one but i shall have a...