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  1. Jay

    Engine rebuild 3.8 to 4.1

    Stuff like that always put me off ownership as I don't know enough about them. Still a cracking driving machine, bet you're looking forward to getting her back :)
  2. Jay

    Some track fun

    Yes, this is the scrapper I wasn't giving too much thought on actual looks to.. Facelift vents thrown on just to fresh it up. In desperate need of a new roof and some headlights and paintwork. But she won't need any of that for the track so I'm ignoring them.
  3. Jay

    Mk1(auto) gt oil light coming on at idle when hot

    My advice is to run a diagnosis and report back on what codes you get: Worth mentioning the connection on the oil switches can be a bit odd so make sure it's getting a secure contact.
  4. Jay

    My 1991 GT

    Looks great, health to enjoy! :)
  5. Jay

    Should I Change My Release Bearing?

    Shouldn't be too much of an undertaking for a good workshop, a few hours does them on the floor so a ramp would make life a lot easier. Here's the parts catalogue for reference...
  6. Jay

    AC Lines

    There is a ton of 10mm bolts holding the blower motor box and the evaporator box in (you'll probably need to remove both). It's a bit of a hauling session as they are tight together in there. Taking the blower motor and wring out of the way helps a little.
  7. Jay

    AC Lines

    Those connect to the evaporator behind the glovebox. You can remove the airbox and delete the unit to clean up the bay. Pretty sure there's a suitable blanking grommet available to complete the job. There will still be a hole in the heater box which isn't ideal so you could fit the section...
  8. Jay

    Mines ecu and td04 setup

    Yes, I've run one. Just keep an eye on the fueling and listen for det. Would also advise you start with stock boost level then you can dial in more if the AFR allows (likely).
  9. Jay

    ABS Light

    That looks like it's jammed in there since birth, soak with copious amounts of WD40 and be gentle as it's plastic. If you can see the pickup without removal try to give it a bit of a wipe. It's a magnet so if any metal (rust for example) gets onto it the signal goes weird and a code is...
  10. Jay

    Oil pressure?

    Odd one Duncan. The only hassle I've had with oil pressure: A new built forged engine, would not build pressure no matter what I did. Turns out I had coated the oil pump in well.. oil rather than assembly paste so it wouldn't build the initial pressure to get the party started. On a new...
  11. Jay

    Idling problem on a 4efte

    If those blades aren't turning then the airflow will be restricted, would imagine that'll affect idle.
  12. Jay

    Idling problem on a 4efte

    Morning bud, probably best to run a check for fault codes first as there could be a few different possibilities : If there's any sensors missing that is an obvious concern but if you could explain a bit...
  13. Jay

    Fuel smell?

    Check these pipes to the front topside of the tank as well. They are renown for rust. It's hard to see them with the tank in though. Failing that you might need it up on a ramp for a proper look?
  14. Jay

    Wanted Glanza wiring loom

    Happened upon a loom whilst clearing space in the garage. Probably needs a bit of work but least its a start. Let me know sure, Jay
  15. Jay

    4E-FTE cylinder head height

    Good article :) Just because Toyota say no doesn't mean it won't work. A light skim isn't going to take too much off so you should get away with that hopefully. Non-interference engine and a bit of a safety margin on the compression helps the 4EFTE. As mentioned you could always spec a...
  16. Jay

    Lets talk splicing abs sensors

    I don't see why not but have never tried it. Nothing ventured nothing gained!
  17. Jay

    Fuel smell?

    Inspect the fuel filler pipes immediately after putting fuel in. Petrol evaporates so the signs of a leak can disappear. Had to tackle the same job on our rx300 last month.
  18. Jay

    HRF TD05, greddy front mount cooler and front mounted Apexi filter

    Was scrolling through thinking wow those are well priced then realised its a 2013 thread :D Si is still here but I don't think the parts are!
  19. Jay

    Zisco ct9 Ms ram horn manifold

    I would tend to agree. You have a bit more elbow room in there. Can you measure the distance between the cylinder head and radiator just for comparison? As for the CT9 versus TD04 debate there's countless pages on the topic here. Can't really add anything that hasn't already been said...
  20. Jay

    Zisco ct9 Ms ram horn manifold

    For the parts and labour involved that's pretty decent value to be fair. You could compare it against converting to a TD04 kit. Basically the same job, just add a turbo to the list. Stacks more potential. So long as you don't go silly with boost there will be no necessity to forge and you...