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    Wind deflector drivers door 1995 EP82 Starlet

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a drivers door wind deflector for my 1995 EP82 Starlet GT Turbo, thanks Eoin.
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    JDM Vin Decoder.

    Hi Jay, I had my Starlet GT Advance at a car meet recently the first time I had it at a meeting like that in years. This guy told me he had one but it had no electric windows, no a/c , no central locking , no clock on the dashboard and an LSD. My car has all these minus the LSD. One of...
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    Wiring diagram for HKS AFR,FCD and SLD for EP82 Starlet Turbo.

    Hi Jay, Would you have a diagram for the wiring of a HKS AFR, FCD and SLD for a EP82 Starlet ? My car was stalling on me and before I got to the cause of my trouble ( fuel pump relay) these were removed.My car just failed the emissions on the NCT test it was perfect last year less than...
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    Wiring diagram for HKS AFR,FCD and SLD for EP82 Starlet Turbo.

    Hi Guys, I have a HKS AFR, FCD and SLD fitted in my car.The car was not running properly and I gave the car to someone who removed the HKS add ons and re fitted them.I am not sure if these were wired back up correctly as my car has just failed the emissions on the NCT test.It was...
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    Power Steering belt replacement.

    Hi Jay, I want to replace my power steering belt, I have loosened the bolt on the top bracket, I also loosened the tensioner but the pump will not move up or down.I also removed the bolts securing the pipes to the inner wing to allow for movement.I must have missed something else I...
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    Replacing ECU.

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question, I am replacing my ECU is this just plug and play? From my research I am assuming it is. Thanks for your help cheers Eoin.
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    New Member.

    Hi guys decided to join after visiting the site a few times over the years.I have a 1995 Starlet GT Advance completely standard I bought this in Dublin in 2001. I did get a set 15 inch alloys for it as the ones it came with were not to my taste.I intend to keep it original .My car is in mint...