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    back box for my civic type r

    iv put it on both as i did have a glanza and durmz stop being a little bitch just because its all about the vtec now lol
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    back box for my civic type r

    i want a 4" back box please for my 52 plate civic
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    ppls thoughts please.........

    arrrrrrgggghhhhhh i getting so annoyed after rolling my glanza i havnt been able to find a nice 1 about! got £3500 to spend also quick thoughts on this one please
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    ppls thoughts please.........

    what do you think of this?
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    hi mate havnt been on the forum for months and now the cravin for another starlet has come back...

    hi mate havnt been on the forum for months and now the cravin for another starlet has come back lol do you know of any1 whose selling 1?
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    Another EP91 in/near essex

    i would like another glanza after havnt an accident in mine would like something abit special. cash waiting:ep91:
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    private plates

    it will cost £120 for u 2 put it on retension go dwn to dvla and fill out a form it means when you want to put it on a 53 plate or newer you can. lol when i sold my first starlet (n659 JHK) i took off my personalised number plate that was on at the time then dvla decided to put on the number...
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    front window tints

    ive heard u can get 3 or 6 points but at the window tinting place they said 1 of there customers took it to court and theres no law against it??? :cops:
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    front window tints

    want to get my front windows tinted but whats the punishment????
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    i had a sparco 3 point in my first ep82 and fitted as follows: drivers seat- right point to existing seatbelt, left point to seat bracket, 3rd point to rear seatbelt
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    silver glanza in rettendon

    Cool tom you can pick me up I live in south hannibgfield and durmz y didn't you tell me you was go map breakers I could have got you 1 for free
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    air filter relocation

    tom mate we can jus make one!!!!!
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    did you hear the one...

    budum tuuuuuuu
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    Clio sport 182

    was thinking of getting one as my dads a car dealer and got a mint 54 plate black one in px what do you think of them?
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    can someone pleaaassee

    tom is gay lmao you out Xmas eve batty boy
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    Rolled my Glanza:(

    35 40 ina 60!!!!!! im not even joking
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    Rolled my Glanza:(

    jus a heads up if u crash and are ok take everything you can out of it cas the recovery ppl took my wallet tomtom boost guage sound system dumpvale turbor timer WANKERS LMAO
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    Rolled my Glanza:(

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    Rolled my Glanza:(

    Not yet police took it to Braintree and I've got to pay 300 to get it out and I was to 40 in a 60 but was probably to quick for the conditions
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    Rolled my Glanza:(

    Left my house at 5.30 am and didn't even get a mile from my house hit some ice and landed in a ditch then the car flipped up onto the roof and ended up upside in the ditch on the other side of the road! Atleast it went out in style :ep91: