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    Glanza ep91 power steering vs n/a ep91 power steering

    hail all, i have a query that hopefully someone knows for sure. is the the n/a ep91 power steering rack interchangeable with glanza ep91 power steering rack?---direct swap, minor/easy mods, impossible?? they have slightly different part numbers, but from the pictures they look the same...
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    BC Racing UK

    Hail, Has anyone on here ever done business with this place? Is it a reputable and reliable place? Any issues or problems? this site is one of my options for a purchase I'm considering, so I just want to make sure as I will need international shipping and don't...
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    EP91 lower front arms (wishbones)

    i have a turbo EP91 glanza that i'm thinking of refreshing the front end after all these years of ownership now my questions for my first and preferred option: 1) are the lower front arms (wishbones as some people call them) the same between the turbo EP91 and n/a EP91? 2) are the lower front...
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    EP91 glanza side skirts

    Hail all, i'm looking for the driver/right side skirt for the ep91/glanza.---must be in great/good condition with no broken tabs if you have both sides and prefer to sell as a pair i'd consider that as well. the seller must be willing to ship overseas/Caribbean---all shipping costs, paypal...
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    Covid 19

    i just wanted to tell the members to be careful out there with this serious corona-virus pandemic. i wish the best for you and family/friends during this period. stay safe. hopefully it will be over as soon as possible and we can get back to some life normalcy and modding cars.
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    glanza automatic transmission in a n/a car

    hail all, does anyone know if a glanza/turbo automatic transmission would work in a naturally aspirated starlet (non-turbo)? that's my first question now this is where is gets sketchy, as i have to try some speculation/inference as the specific car is am referring to is an automatic toyota...
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    Competition clutch stage 4 vs ACT "stage 4"

    i'm hoping to get some members' experiences on these two clutch set ups which are supposed to handle 300bhp etc based on my readings here and generally. basically both kits consist of a performance pressure plate, sprung 6 puk clutch disc, bearing and alignment tool really just two different...
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    Subaru sti/wrx injectors fitment?

    does anyone know if Subaru sti/wrx new style injectors are a direct fit to our fuel rails?...or if any modification is required, exactly what needs to be done? also, is the injector electrical connector the same as stock? are these high impedance injectors sizes --- 565cc pinks and 565cc dark...
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    small newspaper article on my car i posted this in another tread below, but its not really related to that topic, so i will put it up separately for those who appreciate this kind of thing. For me its really just a pretty simple car in the scheme of things we've seen...
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    billet compressor wheels--6/6 vs 7/7 vs 11 blade??

    been doing some research....and seeing some different designs now can anyone share their experiences/knowledge regarding the different blade counts and the impact on spool and power curve?
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    hi, was looking at this site and some of the products/services it offers and may be interested in doing business. as i'm not from the UK, i'm asking any members who may have done business with them in the past or had any other factual information/experience with the company for their views...
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    redline MT90 or 75/90NS

    which of these is the correct gear oil for the starlet box? MT90 is GL4 75/90NS is GL5 any experiences?
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    Wanted: 1998/1999 EP91 Combination switch

    hi , as the title says, i'm looking for a used combination switch ---the unit which controls the indicators, wipers, headlights, fog lights, etc regards
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    ARP head bolts part number 203-3801

    as per the part number above, is this a head bolt or head stud kit? if it is a head bolt kit, what type of head does the bolt come with? -- internal or external 12 point been doing some searching and seeing quite a few different descriptions for the same part number so i'm not sure if...
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    KP (RWD) starlet 1800cc some of you may have glanced over this tread in the past here's the local KP version with the same basic engine these...
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    EP82 Mk2 distributor wiring order

    hi, could someone with a mk2 ep82 (1992 - 1994) please post a picture of the 4 wires going to their distributor or list them in the order they go into the distributor i'm trying to verify the order of the wires to see which color wire goes where here are the colors we have white/blue...
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    picture of ac expansion valve

    hi is it possible anyone who has removed their ac system and have it laying around can take a few pictures of the ac expansion valve and post up? i want to see how it compares to some of the generic brands on the market as its relatively expensive from the dealer
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    boost versus timing

    not sure if this is the correct sub-forum, but the moderator can move it to the correct one if needed general scenerio we tend to see: normal pump gas (low quality), stock/forge build engine, average compression (8.2- 9.0), medium turbo td04 - td05 range, all supporting mods (fmic...
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    EGT gauge --- which one?

    as above, what brand EGT gauge do some of you run and how do you rate them? does it have datalogging abilities?---allowing connection to a standalone any fancy alarms? what type of EGTs do you get on idle, cruise and WOT--if possible state boost level and turbo how fast does it react to temp...
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    Reducing intake take and engine bay temperatures

    i've been doing some research on here and otherwise...trying to determine how to effectively reduce engine bay and intake temps now i realise i see some common items keep poping up as aids to this process - heat reflective tape for cooler piping between the cooler and TB - heat wrap for the...