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  1. GT-TD04

    Pretty please can i sell my car

    Rules are rules,we can't change them for anybody or any special circumstances. Dan
  2. GT-TD04

    windows 8 and older programs???

    Look for an i3/i5/i7 CPU,the AMD are cheaper and decent but the intel CPU's are simply better. Not sure what DJ'ing programs use ram wise but I'd say 6GB would be comfortable. At least 4GB + HDD wise,look for one with a speed of 7200rpm,you can always add an external drive for files. ** Win8...
  3. GT-TD04

    For the Iphone users - read -)

    Seeing as its China I'd wait for an investigation. With the lack of patents over there it could have been a bad ,but legit, copy,or even the charger.
  4. GT-TD04

    windows 8 and older programs???

    Generally if you can run Vista you can run Win7. To be on the safe side you can run this - It may list a few programs that are incompatible but otherwise I can't see a vista machine failing a Win7 upgrade. Just if its Vista 32bit you...
  5. GT-TD04

    windows 8 and older programs???

    Windows 8 ended up being another Vista,no one wants it,so Win7 will stick around for a long time yet. XP updates only stopped last year IIRC. As for the older programs, you can do as Paul says and dual boot,it really is very easy, or you can install something like VMware and run another OS...
  6. GT-TD04

    Rear ended today...

    Don't know how it works in the UK but in Ireland you would tell your insurance company and they would follow hers for the costs. Your NCB should not be affected,if they did I'd fight it.
  7. GT-TD04

    no engine management light

    Glad you got sorted, I was offline for the last month, just got the internet back in today. Solder, shrinkwrap and tape if you can. Might not stop at the fuse box next time. What happened the engine?
  8. GT-TD04

    Mr2 help please

    Your best bet is to give Tim at TB Developments (trader on here) a PM to see if he can point you in the right direction,he has years of experience with MR2's and 3SGTE's Dan
  9. GT-TD04

    Act clutch

    SC Autoparts on can get them.
  10. GT-TD04

    Xbox One...

    I'll reply to the other bit later,I'm just too tired to really read it lol Nice build though, I just finished one for myself there a few weeks ago to keep me happy for a while with gaming,editing and a general work computer. Could have built it with cheaper parts just decided while I could I'd...
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    15" enkie rpf1's are they a rare wheel for starlets?

    Just a reminder that the OP is only looking how much they are worth. If he wants to sell he'll posted a For Sale thread in the classifieds. With that out of the way, I was looking for these for the DC5 and the best I can get them for second hand is 900 from Japan in 5x114.3/7.5J/R17/ET 45 ...
  12. GT-TD04

    Diagnostics results... thoughts?

    Did you have a look at the knock sensor under the inlet mani to see if ,on the off chance, you knocked it loose?
  13. GT-TD04

    The Starlet has a new home!

    Around €38,000 new aren't they?
  14. GT-TD04

    The Starlet has a new home!

  15. GT-TD04

    whats the deal with standalone ecus for the starlets

    Maxing 550cc injectors at 1bar? Sounds a bit off or am I wrong?
  16. GT-TD04

    Xbox One...

    8GB isn't the hard drive,its the Ram, and its DDR5 running at 5500MHz. I haven't had a console in ages and all my gaming is on pc. You know at the minute we only have access to DDR3 with the average being used is 1600 while some may use 2133mhz. In the ram department,at least for the next few...
  17. GT-TD04

    Xbox One...

    If its using the same hardware as the PS3 its not just the amount,they're using DDR5 ram,we only have that on our GPU's in our PC's. We'll have it in about a year but still its the one high spec part it has. The rest will more than likely be low to mid range PC's specs like the PS3,which is...
  18. GT-TD04

    Xbox One...

    Watched the most of it, not mad impressed ,very little actual gameplay shown and no real details on the hardware/XBLive. I'll wait until E3 but honestly after seeing a GT6 video theres no way I'm getting it,they still haven't recorded decent sounds. And to be honest,it was the only reason I...
  19. GT-TD04

    reformed honda head newbie...

    Welcome along, Did you figure out whether you want the TD05 or TD04 yet? Dan
  20. GT-TD04

    my ep82- whats it worth then?

    When putting it up for sale make sure you use the template or it won't be approved. Dan