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  1. Calum122

    Forged Piston Skirt Cracked

    So found out why my engine started knocking... Question is, why did the piston skirt go. I wasn't driving that hard and it's not a brand new build. Engines been around for a while. So I would almost rule out poor engine assembly.
  2. Calum122

    MRK Valve Guides...Quality?

    Hello, I have a spare head sat in my wardrobe that I bought off Socks a long long time ago. I had it skimmed and vapor blasted straight away and it's been sat ever since. It's always been my intention to build a special head for my Starlet, either renewed back to good as new, or maybe swapping...
  3. Calum122

    Low Speed Juddering

    Hello, So the other day I gave the engine bay a much needed jet wash...uhh didn't clean anything at all. I then let it sit for about a week before I drove it next, it was just Sunday and I don't drive it during the week. I noticed on the following Friday that below 2K the car is now...
  4. Calum122

    Oil Leak 4EFTE GT EP82

    Hi Gents, So I have been driving my GT after it's been parked up for the last three years outside... It's running like a dream, idle does drop a little low at times, around 800 RPM but that's not always. The problem I've got is a SAVAGE oil leak on the car. I can't seem to pin point where...
  5. Calum122

    Starlet Clock RTC

    Since I don't drive my car, it never has any juice. The thing that bothers me about most cars is when the dash clocks are wrong, I know it's an OCD thing. A long time ago, I built a media center for the car. Sega Genesis, Playstation one, Game Boy, all the retro stuff with FM, Sat Nav and a...
  6. Calum122

    Toyota Starlet EP82 Glass Head Lamps JDM

    Hello, I imported these a while back since I had a pair of GT Square Lamps to do a side by side comparison against. These are the JDM EP82 Non-Turbo Head Lamps. These actually seem better quality that the GT model since these have glass lenses rather than plastic, and therefore don't glaze...
  7. Calum122

    Toyota Starlet EP82 GT Turbo Power Steering Deletion

    So I've just gone through the process of deleting the power steering out from my car. Information was a little flimsy on what exactly was needed, and the right process of how one goes about doing it. I would like to take the time to highlight the way I achieved a power steering delete. Things...
  8. Calum122

    Import Papers/History

    So as like the 4th owner of my JDM weapon, the import papers, or any associated history, has been lost to the time. Is anyone aware of any technique to retrieve this information. I was wondering since it's quite obvious that my car has seen some repairs, and I suspect the repairs were made in...
  9. Calum122

    Floor Bung

    Really? How can Toyota justify discontinuing a floor bung lmao! 90950-01619 I believe is what I am after, it's simply a 48mm (47.7mm by my measurements) floor bung found all around the car. I really want to put these in the car this weekend, anyone got a supplier for me? Cheers Calum
  10. Calum122

    Toyota Starlet EP82 GT Turbo MK3 Side Skirt Brackets

    Anyone know whether you can still get these. Mine has completely rotten through :( I was just going to have some made up, but if they can still be bought, cheap enough, then it might make sense to just buy them.
  11. Calum122

    Best Place to Get EP80 Steering Rack

    Does anyone know of the best place to get a non-power-steering rack for the EP8X chassis? I did find: But it's unclear as to whether or not this would fit RHD?
  12. Calum122

    Power Steering Delete

    I'm sure this has been covered plenty, but is it me or is the search feature not working? Basically I want to remove the power steering. I don't want to loop the system, I find that a bit rough. I've heard the idea that you just replace the rack, but others seem to think you need to...
  13. Calum122

    Alternator Not Charging

    Hello, I did post this on UKSO but it's a little quiet on the answers. Basically the story goes. I took my alternator apart to rebuild the bearings. Upon installation I omitted the plastic cup on the alternator and consequently the alternator shorted out and the was lots of pops...
  14. Calum122

    How To Install Oil Filter Sandwich Plate

    Yo! So I tried doing a little researching before I started this and knew roughly what had to be done but was unsure about how to go about it. Being new to these cars I wasn't sure what needed doing. So I've decided to take the time to contribute back to the forum and hopefully...
  15. Calum122

    Newbie From Gloucestershire

    Hello, My names Calum and I'm from the Gloucestershire area. I picked up a rather neglected mk 3 a couple of weeks ago and have been on the ukstarlet forum for a few months now. However I was told that I should get myself an account on here as well because of the wealth of knowledge about...