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  1. javordy simpson

    EP82 rain guards alternative

    I’ve been searching for years for the oem rain guards/wind deflectors for the EP82. I literally gave up, but I started to research and found out that the 2 door Tercel has the same door arch as the EP82. I bought a set of rain guards for the 2 door Tercel and the only modification I did was to...
  2. javordy simpson

    5e flywheel

    Hey guys, so I just got a 5efhe engine and I’ve done all the necessary swaps from the 4e to the 5efhe block. I’m having one issue which is the flywheel. I have a spare 4efte 212mm flywheel, but as we know the bolt patterns are not the same as the 5e. Should I drill the holes in the 4efte...