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  1. bender

    Aftermarket radiators, options

    Hi all, I am in need of a radiator for the glanza V as mine has cracked right where the top hose enters the rad. After researching I see many people are opting for an aftermarket civic radiator (besides save room) and am just curious why people dont just put another starlet radiator in like the...
  2. bender

    What gaskets to buy when doing valve adjustment

    I'm just wondering the gaskete I will need to he ordering when doing the valve adjustment on a 4efte, thanks
  3. bender

    ep91 starlet taillight differences

    I need to purchase new taillights for my 97 glanza V, and it seems very hard to come by the oem taillights (red and amber color only) although there is alot of reflet taillights on ebay, im just wondering if the screw holes are the same in the reflet tailliights as they are in the 97 spec glanza...
  4. bender

    Centre controls fuse ( AC, HEATER FAN)

    Hi guys, was testing my radiator fan and think i blew a fuse, tested the connections for radiator fan and after driving the car the vents dont blow any air in any setting, the AIR CON and ECON button no longer light up green as they did before also my vent controls do not light up as they did...
  5. bender

    how to test radiator fan glanza V

    Hi everyone greetings from Vancouver Canada, i recently bought a glanza v and am trying to fix it up.... i am trying to diagnose my radiator fan i feel like it is not kicking in when reach operating temperatures. the car is completely stock. sometimes i turn the engine on(warm) and hear the fan...