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    [Photo] Engine Bay

    that engine bay is da bomb:rockon:i likes
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    heavy dirt??????

    thanks mate ill give it a bash
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    heavy dirt??????

    lads can anyone recommend me a product to get rid of heavy dirt,power wash soap and sponge isnt really doing the trick,some of the residue off the stickers i removed is not shifting either and its becoming really annoying at this stage. thanks adam
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    can sps mani be fitted without taking off turbo and going underneath car?

    i done mine without taking of the turbo but new gaskets are recommended,its a bit of a nightmare tbh and expect sore hands and bloody knuckles
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    FAO: Spoonz

    can you do one with metallic purple?the orange with the white lip looks quality
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    standard shocks

    no they look perfect. it must just be lowering spings on it then because it does sit low and its fairly comfy too,i only really noticed them when i had it on the ramp fitting the de-cat pipe,just thought id throw the question out there and see what reply i got,thanks mate
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    Yes or No...?

    looks good a little darker maybe i was thinking of doing mine in a darker purple/pink like the colour you see on the hks stuff
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    standard shocks

    lads are the standard shocks in a 98 glanza red?there is red shocks in mine(kyb).now the car sits fairly low so i was wondering if its down to the shocks or would it just be a set of lowering springs in it thanks adam
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    Help me choose a colour please

    a lad in dublin has his glanza this colour and it looks ace but he also has the tailgate smoothed and the bodywork is a bit ott.The colour of hectors civic in the fast and the furious(first one) looks quality i think,its a greeny/browny colour:)
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    sps braced de-cat

    thanks lads ill give it a bash at lunch time
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    sps braced de-cat

    lads as above im havin a bit of bother trying to get it to line up,has anyone else had trouble?whats the best way to approach fitting it?i have tightened up the turbo side but the brace doesnt really line up and the exhaust side seems to be out im not argueing about the build...
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    thanks buddy
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    Starlet...gone :(

    car looks sweet mate good luck with it,is the rear bumper off colour a bit or is it just the camera?looks great either way
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    lads what tools do i need to replace the cat? thanks adam
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    heat wrap

    ok thanks mate
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    heat wrap

    lads would it be wise to heat wrap the i/c pipe that runs over the manifold?i dont really fancy doing the mani itself but its givin off some temps in the bay, thanks adam
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    oil change

    thanks mate
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    oil change

    lads what grade oil is best for the glanza? thanks adam
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    Dave looking for a couple of bits for the glanza,oil filter and magnetic sump bung and also a...

    Dave looking for a couple of bits for the glanza,oil filter and magnetic sump bung and also a set of plugs,would heat range 7 be the ones im after?if you can pm me a total price del. to ireland. thanks adam
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    wriiten off glanza

    holy shit man you were lucky when i seen the blood on the windows i thought you might of been in a bad way