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  1. Derek

    Enkei es tarmac competition. 16x7

    For sale: Enkei ES Tarmac Competition. Item Condition: Need a good clean, one has small damage to rim. All straight, no welds. Price and price conditions: €450 ono Extra Info: Very rare discontinued wheel, lightweight. Pictures: Contact Details: Pm for details Location: Dublin Ireland...
  2. Derek

    Low Mileage Glanza. Having a sniff around some websites and spotted this, only 5k on the clock.
  3. Derek

    RIP this forum.

    What happened? Used to be the best on the net.
  4. Derek

    Post a pic of your car as it sits right now.

    No going out to wash it or polish, just as it sits at this minute. Mine, ive gone very boring.
  5. Derek

    Any whiteline dealers on the forum.

    Ive lost touch not being as active anymore but any traders deal with whiteline parts? Cheers.
  6. Derek

    need a loan.

    Hows things lads need a loan of a 3 bar map sensor from an emanage blue, its for a friend he is trying to rule it out as he is troubleshooting a problem. In dublin ireland so somewhere in the area.
  7. Derek

    Found my old glanza. Being broken.:( loved that car had it years ago, looks tacky now.
  8. Derek

    Better pics of my clio.

  9. Derek

    15" 4x100 alloys wanted.

    15" 4x100 wheels. Something nice.
  10. Derek

    My new hot hatch.

    Not a toyota but a great car none the less. By derekski at 2012-08-29 By derekski at 2012-08-29 By derekski at 2012-08-29 By derekski at 2012-08-29 By derekski at 2012-08-29 By derekski at 2012-08-29 By derekski at 2012-08-29
  11. Derek

    Subaru legacy b4 rsk.

    For sale:Subaru legacy b4 rsk Item Condition: Great. Price and price conditions: 3150 Extra Info:For sale my 00 legacy b4 rsk, selling because i want to get into a clio 172 taken a liking to them lately. 133km. Nct just running out at the end of month, but will be putting it through...
  12. Derek

    My new motor.

    Couple of crappy pics but love this car, nice big cruiser with plenty of power to keep me happy. Plus advan rg's.:rockon: although might sell it have an itch for a glanza again.
  13. Derek

    Need a favour please. Vote for my daughter please. Thanks lads, derek wants to go too disneyland
  14. Derek

    Wiring query?

    Basically wiring in the boost gauge there is a sender in the engine with a black red and white wire coming from it. From the gauge there are black red yellow orange and brown. Ive wired the reds together from each to a 12v supply, the blacks and brown to earth, yellow to the same 12v supply...
  15. Derek

    Honda accord euro r cl1.

    For sale:Honda accord cl1 euro r Item Condition: Very Very good. Price and price conditions: 3900 Extra Info:00 Honda accord cl1 euro r, want to get back in a Subaru so this is for sale. 2.2 h22 dohc vtec standard car bar an induction kit. Has a rare Honda modulo custom performance...
  16. Derek

    2 new additions to the family.

    This being the first. Baby lily. And I sold my s2000 and bought this. Only change I've made is the wheels
  17. Derek

    It has been emotional.

    Stepping down from my position as A s.mod on the forum and you will be seeing a lot less of me, too busy to commit any time to the forum anymore and dont enjoy the forum as much anymore. Had some great times over the years. Will pop in from time to time. Adios amigos.:rockon:
  18. Derek

    Car plans for 2012.

    New soft top or hard top if I can afford it. New wheels: Refurbed white. Side skirts Front bumper respray.
  19. Derek

    Car was tried last night.

    :mad: some low life scum tried my s2000 last night, destroyed the soft top on it and bent the frame out of shape doesn't close now. CCTV is being checked.
  20. Derek

    Strange emails I've been getting.

    Right I've been getting spam emails, nothing new there but the senders are all the names of my ex girlfriends I have 3 so far. Kinda freaked out about it because how would someone know these names and that I went out with them. And it isn't actually the ex's sending them.