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  1. glanzadude

    Article on top gear website

    Welcome to the Toyota family. Tell us more about your car
  2. glanzadude

    Article on top gear website

    I am more off the show car then driving the shit out off it but each to there own.
  3. glanzadude

    Article on top gear website

    Anymore info on the car?
  4. glanzadude

    GT Glow Panel On Bookface

    Would love one but would look odd on my mk2
  5. glanzadude

    Zisco ct9 Ms ram horn manifold

    I do think you would be much better going for a td04 turbo and kit.
  6. glanzadude

    TRD / Whiteline front anti roll bar

    Bump this up lads thanks
  7. glanzadude

    1996 Glanza V Breaking

    Yea Jay is spot on to be fair
  8. glanzadude

    Back from the dead

    Hello, we all come back for some more lol. Not much starlets around thos days.enjoy your stay
  9. glanzadude

    Starlet Turbo Remix?

    Yes it ant great looking but you have to say looks cool ish tho. Would love one in stock just as a runabout
  10. glanzadude

    EP82 parcel shelf

    I got my uncut parcel shelf in a local car breakers for 20 euros. You would be quite surprised what is in thos places so keep a look out.
  11. glanzadude

    New Daily - Maserati QP

    That's a fair cry from the starlet, enjoy it
  12. glanzadude


    Well come to the forum. You are better off with shocks and lowering springs. I would go for a 40mm lowering springs any make they are the same and Kyb shocks they are the same as the UK starlets. Your local moter Factors can order them in.
  13. glanzadude

    TRD / Whiteline front anti roll bar

    I will bump this up lads thanks
  14. glanzadude

    EP82 Parts

    ID workz
  15. glanzadude

    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    That's funny now lol
  16. glanzadude

    EP82 rain guards alternative

    Thanks pal
  17. glanzadude

    Resurrecting the MR2

    Fantastic work. Looks like a new car. Was the car parked inside are out over the years?
  18. glanzadude

    Resurrecting the MR2

    Well done not a easy road ahead off you. Is it a jap/uk import?
  19. glanzadude

    FMIC comparisons - King thread

    Sacha would you have a price on the front mount intercooler?