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  1. Rob H

    Black GT in Royston Barnsley?

    Keep seeing a Black GT in Royston Barnsley on my way home from work is it any one on here? It has a toyotagtturbo sticker in the back window.
  2. Rob H

    Blitz front mount

    Item For Sale: Blitz front mount (no pipe work) Item Condition & Description: pretty good shape to say its a FRONT mount, few bent fins and stuff as would be expected. 2.5" inlet and out let. Price:£160+ fees Pictures: Can contact me on PM or email me Payment &...
  3. Rob H

    Original SR TTE springs with almost new KYB shocks

    Item For Sale: SR TTE springs with almost new KYB Excel G shocks Item Condition & Description: These have been on my car since the day it was built!! there in brill shape and work fine even tho the paint is now a bit rough, only selling these as I have gone onto a set of meiser Rs, If they...
  4. Rob H

    I'm now a married man!!!

    Well after 10 years together WE decided it was about time we got married!! we opted for something different as nether of us are church people in any way!! so we opted to have a registry wedding to make it all legal and a handfasting for our main ceremony, for a bit of info on a handfasting you...
  5. Rob H

    Carbon Goodies Carbon Revers scoop fitted

    Thought I would throw these up for Rick (Carbon Goodies) as Im the first one to fit one for him. First the stock scoop weighs in at a whoping 450 grams!! the carbon one is only 137 grams thats some saving!!!! This is how it looks!! The picks are off my phone so there not the best but you...
  6. Rob H

    Silver glanza with black bonnet on M621

    Just seen a silver glanza with a black bonnet on the M621 I was driving the bus flashing at you ( the lights not my bits lol)
  7. Rob H

    98 & 96spec front bumpers, Anti lift kit + other stuff!!!

    Anti lift kit + other stuff!!! Item For Sale: Catch tank Item Condition & Description: Good used, I put the fitting in the top so it could be used with a twin breather set up the filter goes straight onto it. It also has stainless steel mesh balls inside it. Price: £20+ paypal 4% Pictures...
  8. Rob H

    White Glanza near old post office

    Spotted a white glanza with live sports spoiler near the Old post office pub any one one here??
  9. Rob H

    White GT in Bitstall Ikea round about

    As above any one on hear?
  10. Rob H

    226whp- 223lb-ft torque @ 5163rpm 1.5bar before 4000 TD05

    Well we got some more tuning done today!! TD05 16G making 1.5bar before 4000 rpm! We had to stop at that tho because the N/A inlet and Throttle body was getting restrictive and the fuel system needs more work!
  11. Rob H

    Silver Glanza in Tingley West Yorkshire

    I see this most days going to work is it any one on here?
  12. Rob H

    Glanza/ SR front arm rear bushes wanted!

    Glanza/ SR front arm rear bushes wanted! I need these asap really I am in for the anti lift kit group buy but I carnt wait any longer I need to fit my shocks and arms!!
  13. Rob H

    Just been and pick these up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I took my Rays wheels, TRD front arb and White line rear arb and a pair of bottom arms for re-powder coating last week and all the brackets re-plating and this is what I got!!!! the photos dont do the colour justice! I had them done by FITTED!!!
  14. Rob H

    Which poly bushes for SR bottom arm Rear bush??

    I am wanting to get poly bushes for the rear mount on the bottom arm I have TRD ones for the front bushes but I need to get the rears, I know the mounting brackets are different as they have bolts long ways down the chassis unlike the ep82 which just has the 2 m8 bolts. Any one know which I...
  15. Rob H

    EP 91 rear lamp bulb holders

    I am after 2 brake light/ side light bulb holders with some wire on them. The ones that take the twin contact bulbs (stop/tail bulbs) the top bulb holders in the lamp. Any one got any?? Cheers Rob
  16. Rob H

    What ya think on this wheel colour???

    I am going to get the Rays repowder coated and was thinking on this purple what ya think and should I leave the lip polished???
  17. Rob H

    Red V and bluey/silver GT in Whitby

    I spotted a Red V and bluey/silver GT in Whitby any one on here? I'm here till the 1st
  18. Rob H

    Black SR in Barnsley

    Spotted a Black SR in Barnsley today anyone on here??
  19. Rob H

    2x Turbo timer harnesses EP82

    Item For Sale: 2x Turbo timer harnesses EP82 I think there HKS ones as the plugs are not the same as the blitz turbo timer I have. Item Condition: Used but good Price: £10 each plus paypal or send as gift Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: In price but dont forget fees...
  20. Rob H

    Any one seen one of these before?? Blitz boost jumper old school

    This was in an old GT I have, I dont have a clue if it works or not or what its worth lol