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  1. clarkytrd

    97 spec steering for glanza

    have a mint one here mate!! pm me here or give me a text on 083-3006414 ;)
  2. clarkytrd

    Nice spec 300bhp+ 99 Glanza gauging interest forged standalone ihi turbo etc.

    Said it before, this is the first Glanza I followed on here and it is still my all time favourite!! Would be gutted to see it broke.. hope something works out for ya!!
  3. clarkytrd

    Any Pug 106 GTi Owners?

    Any 106 GTi owners here?? One or two small problems with mine that you might be able to help me with. - Dodgy idle (ICV?? Cleaned, improved but still not 100%) - Battery Draining (Ignition OFF, noise coming from Throttle Body area?!) - Moisture on all of rear & both sides of roof lining...
  4. clarkytrd

    End of an era, I am breaking my Starlet!!!

    Cheers Phil, I only have a set of front EBC grooved & dimpled discs with EBC Yellow Stuff Pads mate, if they are of interest to you? No plans for next car as of yet, staying away from the jap scene for a while I think. Friend of mine has a 106 GTI so I might take that as a run around for a...
  5. clarkytrd

    End of an era, I am breaking my Starlet!!!

    Well guys, The time has come for me to say goodbye to my Starlet project, I never got to finish it unfortunately but I have totally lost interest, spent way too much and got nowhere with it. I had great times with the car before the project started but I have finally given up! Everyone on here...
  6. clarkytrd

    New Forged 4EFTE Engine

    For Sale: New Forged 4EFTE Engine Item Condition: New, been fitted and ran a few times, still needs running in. Price: €1800 NO OFFERS Extra Info: Putting standard engine back into car as I have no use for a forged engine anymore, engine was built by Martin Treacy @ Westward...
  7. clarkytrd

    Tempted to sell the new Forged 4E...

    Plans have changed and I just can't be bothered running big power anymore.. I have sold my WEPR TD04 kit and still haven't even ran in the New Forged 4E Engine. It's been sitting in the car for a few months now and I start it up every few days and drive it around the yard, so I can't see the...
  8. clarkytrd

    99 spec glanza crystal fog lights

    have a driver side one there mate.. its pretty clean :D
  9. clarkytrd

    Varis Style Rear Bumper EP91 (205 Black)

    For Sale: Varis Style Rear Bumper Item Condition: Used but great condition (205 Black) Price: €120 Euro Extra Info: Bought and test fitted it to my Starlet, have since sourced one in same colour as my car. Painted in 205 BLACK. Fits 99%, one side sits out a slight bit due to bolt hole...
  10. clarkytrd

    windows 8 and older programs???

    I have a 1TB External Hard Drive just as back up for my music & pictures. If I'm buying a new laptop, I wont have much files on it as I will run them from the External HD when using the Dj Software. So how do I go about fitting an SSD, (do i use an SSD instead of a HDD??)... I am not too up to...
  11. clarkytrd

    windows 8 and older programs???

    Cheers dude.. I might just invest in a new laptop cause my one is a few year old! Opinions on the new Acer Aspire V5, WIN8, Touch Screen, 1TB HDD, 6GB RAM...?! Need something for Dj'ing, i.e good processor (Min - 2.0GHz)... Cant justify paying mental money on a Macbook Pro :p
  12. clarkytrd

    windows 8 and older programs???

    Is it possible to install Windows 7 on my Vista Basic?? Laptop is way too slow but my RAM and HDD have plenty of space left!? :/
  13. clarkytrd

    JPerformance FMIC users, EP91 - Bumper not fitting!

    picture added to first post! :)
  14. clarkytrd

    JPerformance FMIC users, EP91 - Bumper not fitting!

    They are a copy of the HDI cooler mate, people have fitted them without removing the crash bar. I may start trimming the bumper I think :(
  15. clarkytrd

    JPerformance FMIC users, EP91 - Bumper not fitting!

    Gonna try sit the core back flush to the crash bar and see how I get on, fingers crossed it will help a bit. I'l keep you updated anyway mate, its never easy is it :D
  16. clarkytrd

    JPerformance FMIC users, EP91 - Bumper not fitting!

    Hi folks, Anyone using a JPerformance FMIC kit have any problems fitting a 98 spec front bumper? (EP91 Glanza - 98 spec) My FMIC is not allowing the bumper to sit anyway close at all without having to cut half the front off..!! Here is a picture of the kit fitted, no room to push the core...
  17. clarkytrd

    98 Spec Front & Rear Bumpers Needed

    Bump... C'mon lads, help me get this project finished :D :D
  18. clarkytrd

    Lenister meet Saturday 29th June 2013

    1. matty gt ......... gt starlet 2. ingin08........... gt starlet 3. AlancEP82...... gt starlet 4. rosso321......... gt starlet 5. Derek ............. clio 6. Paddyep82..... gt starlet 7. Gryzor............. glanza 8. Galen............... glanza 9. wills21.............. is a maybe...