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  1. RoyalDutchie

    HKB SPORTS BOSS KIT for ep91 facelift

    I've been trying to pinpoint which boss kit I should be using. Using search seems to yield no post. Currently have a OT-48 which isn't the right one since the glanza has a clock type system. With a bit of searching the right option suppose to be the OT-202. Seems to be this kit which notes it...
  2. RoyalDutchie

    Greddy turbo timer and apexi turbo timer pnp

    Greddy turbo timer pnp €45 (sold) Apexi turbo timer pnp €45 Excluding any payment fees, postage cost on request Shipping within EU/UK, could ship to USA/Australia Apexi turbo timer pnp including handbrake signal ep91
  3. RoyalDutchie

    Glanza V prefacelift gauge cluster, Carat rear lights and mk2 rescueman

    Glanza V prefacelift manual gauge cluster €75 (sold) Carat silver rear lights €70 Mk2 rescueman €30 Excluding any payment fees, postage cost on request Shipping within EU/UK, could ship to USA/Australia Carat rear lights paint not to good, clear lenses a bit faded and cut looms OEM mk2 rescueman
  4. RoyalDutchie

    4efte manifold port diameter

    As above does someone have a standard or aftermarket manifold they can measure? Seems the head is 29mm and the gasket seems to be 32mm.
  5. RoyalDutchie

    Round plug behind intake manifold next to clutch master cylinder

    Dear all, I've been looking about on epc for a potential seal I'm missing, but I cannot find it yet. It is located behind the intake manifold next to the master cylinder for the clutch:
  6. RoyalDutchie

    Rear engine mount glanza V

    Anybody know if the na starlet ep91 rear engine mount fits the glanza body? Kavo one below:
  7. RoyalDutchie

    Idler pulley timing belt torque spec?

    What torque spec do you guys use for the idler pulley(not the tensioner), and do you even torque a new one? Currently in the process of replacing my timingbelt and probably the covers soon since these have the classic problem of being broken :D
  8. RoyalDutchie

    Few random unconnected connectors in glanza

    While I was digging through the car I found a few random bolts and 3 unconnected wires :D These 2 drivers side shifter (IK needs a clean). Also this one pass side:
  9. RoyalDutchie

    Startermotor replacement 4efte facelift glanza

    Well after having my car sit for a month the startmotor doesn't seem to do the job anymore. After making some weird jackhammer noises and a push start it doesn't do a thing anymore. Checked the startermotor, currently have a 28100-11140 and by the looks of it a 28100-11130 also fits. Any...
  10. RoyalDutchie

    Trust greddy oil sandwich plate to clear powersteering pump bracket

    I've read a few post about oil sandwich plates not fitting. But some seem to say that the greddy one does fit even though none are stated. Another post seems to narrow it down to this sandwich plate: 12002801 Standard Type, O ring 56mm/65mm, Center Bolt Pitch 3/4-16UNF,M20 X P1.5 Center Plug...
  11. RoyalDutchie

    Orc 309d clutch kit

    Hello fellow starlet connoisseurs. Thinking about getting a orc 309d somewhere Q2 next year. But a few things I'm not sure about yet. Anybody has recent experience with one? Read they make a bit of noise? How bad is the drivability of these clutches(Is it a true on/off clutch or is the...
  12. RoyalDutchie

    Toyota rescue man 3(sold)

  13. RoyalDutchie

    Pre facelift Toyota Starlet Glanza V Brochure (sold)

    I'm offering a glanza pre facelift brochure in good condition. I'm located in the Netherlands so will be shipped from there postage cost on request due to brexit. Looking for 30 euros + fees and postage.
  14. RoyalDutchie

    Glanza pre facelift badge(sorted)

    Hello all. As per title I'm looking for a glanza pre facelift badge. If you have any for sale and are able to get it posted to the Netherlands please drop me a pm. Cheers, Brian
  15. RoyalDutchie

    Standard oil filter wrench socket size

    Quick question about the oil wrench socket. What inner diameter do they have and how many teeth do they need for the standard filter(14 right?). I mostly tighten the oil filter by hand, unsure if this has a risk of stripping the thread. Next time I want to do it the right(maybe even use a...
  16. RoyalDutchie

    New sills lasting fix

    So since my sills are really turning into the purest form of the Japanese gold dust. I need to grind it out and get some new outer sills(Ford fiesta mk3 5 door) and propably some new inner sills which I'll get plasma cut out of sheet metal. I was just wonder wat the best lasting fix is. My...
  17. RoyalDutchie

    Speeduino with 4e-fte

    I was wondering if anyone with a 4e-fte is running a speeduino for engine management. Looking into the opensource project speeduino and seems to be a capable unit(will be using it with a teensy 3.5 or 4.1). I already have a few 54 pin plugs which are the same as the glanza ecu plug so I could...
  18. RoyalDutchie

    Glanza footwell lights

    So bought myself some nice cut footwell lights and I was thinking about making a loom for them but unsure which plugs to get. A picture of what i think is the correct loom I think the loom connects between the following plug:
  19. RoyalDutchie

    Standard or aftermarket panhard rod measurments

    Does anybody have the dimensions of the pan hard rod? Want to weld one up but I do not have a spare one yet sadly.
  20. RoyalDutchie

    Camlifter seems to have damage along the edges

    A few days ago when I was busy installing my catchcan I broke the pcv valve. Took the head of and after some hours I finally removed the few pieces left from the pcv en installed all new gaskets and a pcv. But when I looked at my cams they seem like they have a few missing pieces. The touching...