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  1. GT-TD04

    Got a New Car

    Got this the other week. I've had VTI's and SIR's and got bored of them fairly quick but love this Needs a wash in this
  2. GT-TD04

    DanzaEP91 Feedback

    Bought a CAP Racing clutch from Dan for my brother. Once the delivery price and money was agreed on and received I shortly received the courier tracking number. The courier used (paisleyfreight) however took their time (delivered on the 6th working day) considering they charged £42. This was...
  3. GT-TD04

    My New Car

    Sold the Trueno and finally found a starlet clean enough to make the move back. Small spec 14" Drag alloys Cat Back Exhaust Turbo Timer Dumpvalve Lowered on springs Alarm Since I got it I fitted a HKS actuator (.8),apexi EL and a boost gauge. Pics
  4. GT-TD04

    My current car - AE111

    Well,same story as last time I owned a AE111 really lol Went looking for a GT and couldn't find a clean one and was stuck for transport so bought this and I must say I'm really pleased with it,much tighter than my old Levin BZR I'll just copy and paste :) Spec: 1999 Trueno BZR 17" STR...
  5. GT-TD04

    Help Facebook Voting

    Could you's give me a hand and vote for my niece emma in this sony competition if you could spare a minute Link Page 6,frances mc cormack carolan Thanks Dan :)
  6. GT-TD04

    WTD: Fuel Cut Defenser

    As per title,Jam or HKS and €60bt:) Cheers Dan
  7. GT-TD04

    WTD : o2 Sensor

    Looking for an o2 sensor off the cat (top sensor) in good working order. Needs to be delivered to Ireland. Paypal would suit and I'd cover the fee's. Nothing mental price cheers Dan
  8. GT-TD04

    How to Upload Pictures from your PC Using Photobucket

    Please use this guide written by Danb87 to upload your photo's onto or any other site.
  9. GT-TD04

    The Whats your Computer Spec Thread

    Pretty self explanatory, just fill out the form. You can use Speccy ,its free,just click the link on the right hand side Download Latest Version if you don't know your basic specs. My PC is currently broke(motherboard diode blew on it) but ill have my new set up by next few weeks. This...
  10. GT-TD04

    On my fourth Starlet now..

    After just under a year and 4 cars later i've bought another starlet,a 99 Glanza V infact. Hopefully it'll keep me entertained enough so i don't throw a ball of money at it like my last ones:haha: I'll get some pictures tomorow:) One for tonight
  11. GT-TD04

    The Important Law Concerning Exhaust In Ireland

    Reasonable is subject to the Garda in question,nor do they need any equipment. The only good defense is that you damaged your exhaust on your trip. this was taken from Construction Equipment Uses of Vehicles Act 1963
  12. GT-TD04

    Gran Turismo 5 Track Days

    Evening, As GT5 will be coming out on the 24th and for the first time the GT series will be going online:rockon: Now i played Forza,and while its a great game online is highly frustrating. You are guaranteed that ,in every race, you are going to be bumped off the track and lose your times...
  13. GT-TD04

    Mr2 Turbo For Sale

    For sale:1992 MR2 Turbo GT Tbar Item Condition:Very good. Some minor scratches that will have to be pointed out.Extremly good condition for the year. Price and price conditions: €2,800. P/X considered.Mivec,DOHC Vtec,Turbo etc. Nothing rough.Must have NCT.I can only take trade in's,cant afford...
  14. GT-TD04

    Leinster Meet--Mullingar Aftermath

    Heres some pictures of the members from TGTT (except my own) There is none,none of the people from here turned up.The only ones to turn up were Slipside from and 4 lads from toyota owners club-irl.Some are members here but there name wasnt on the list...
  15. GT-TD04

    Mullingar Meet Aftermath

    Wasnt many starlets at it lol,2 in fact.Wes's GT and Galen's Glanza Dylan got some pics and they were moving off as i was heading home. Both starlet looked well,and i must say i really liked the Glanza,and i usally dont lol And i'd take your rear lights,turbo and steering wheel Dylan,you can...
  16. GT-TD04

    Lend of €2 through paypal...sad i know lol

    Basically i've been broke the last 4 months due to the brothers wedding and a holiday coming up,havent even had €10 to myself.So i finally got €20 spare and decided id buy a manual boost controller,found one for €19.52 delivered and all:) Put €20 on my 3v card,linked it to paypal,went to pay...
  17. GT-TD04

    Some new pictures of the MR2

    Still needs a buff,just edited the reg in these ones Adobe and a HDR program Took it on a 7.2 mega pixel camera so dont think they turned out too bad,just need to get a better backdrop
  18. GT-TD04

    Leinster Meet-17 October-Mullingar

    Going to have a meet in Mullingar on the 17th of October (Sunday) on the Dublin road just outside Mullingar where we've had one beforeOld Meet Pics.Its a Lake view carpark with plenty of parking. The idea of putting it in October is giving everyone time to make sure they can make it if at all...
  19. GT-TD04

    New Car

    Pictures dont do it justice,its actually dirty in the pictures,meant to take some after i cleaned it. Spec is 17" Wolfrace Blitz Boost Guage Blitz Sonic Induction Kit DVD touch screen player Decat Best bit is insurance went up €16 a month even after i made them put it down as a turbo...
  20. GT-TD04

    E3- 2010

    GameSpot Coverage of E3 Video Links Some of the games previewed were Forza 4,Metal Gear Solid Rising,Medal of Honour,Call of Duty Black Ops,Driver San Fransisco,Fall Out Las Vegas,Gears of War 3,Medal of Honour and Killzone 3 to name a few. Also a preview (more like a short film) of...