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  1. Aga

    bushing quality - a dissapointment

    hello guys. i wanna express my dissapointment in a product i bought from you and it's obviously your own production, the front anti roll bar drop links. i installed them into my ep82, and not even 6 months have passed, and the rubber bushings are cut and split . For something like that to happen...
  2. Aga

    Apexi power fc for ep91

    I'm looking for an apexi powerfc for ep91 ,with harness, preferably along with commander. cheers.
  3. Aga

    GT over-fender plastics

    Hello guys. i'm looking for a set of the four plastic parts that go on the front and rear fenders on the GT. (i seem to have lost mine!) thanks :rolleyes:
  4. Aga

    quadlights and grill

    quadlights and grill from a mk3 GT (obviously), the turn signals would be welcome too, if available. cheers.
  5. Aga

    Torn wastegate diaphragm?

    Well, good day everyone, I recently did an upgrade on my glanza, fitted a new greddy turbo (the same as the one i had, but new) and 70mm downpipe, and reprogrammed the whole ecu. took it for a drive in the highway to retune the ecu, and with the boost controller off , it boosts around 0.8...
  6. Aga

    built engine owners: max rpm?

    i have a question for people who have built engines, and of course standalone fuel management... What's the max rpm you've run your engine to? my rpm cut is at 8000, but i usually change around 7400.... and what about 5E owners? please, BUILT engine owners only. there's no reason talking...
  7. Aga

    Some trackside photos

    We were at the circuit last saturday, it was an open track day. we were there by 8 o clock to get a good spot under the tents, as we heard there were gonna be lots of cars coming. yeah right! total turnout of the day, 10 cars! and 5 of them were glanzas from our forum. We starleteers stayed...
  8. Aga

    a bit of track action

    hey and the team were out on a trackday yesterday... here's one of the times i went in. The glanza's ass is bare, and i got a co-driver, and running 1.2 bar boost. first lap is a warmup, 3 laps, and then a cooldown lap... poor peugot up ahead seemed a little stressed...
  9. Aga

    Stuff i've been making...

    *before i get flamedby the mods or whoever, i'm not trying to sell anything, and don't pm me about making stuff. I just wanna share what i've been doing lately. My garage has turned into a damn workspace over the last year and a half... it all started when i asked mc chu for a pair of jam type...
  10. Aga

    oil pressure - how much is yours running?

    i've had a hunch for some time, and after an experiment i did was successful, i'm gonna share the results with you guys. but first i wanna make a poll. to those who have oil pressure gauges: how much oil pressure are you running when you ve got the pedal to the metal, high revs and boosting?
  11. Aga

    ep82 tom's wing and front bumper

    as the title says, if y'all hear anything...i dont care if it's genuine or a copy...:rolleyes:
  12. Aga

    remember those speedvision headbolts?

    hey guys, does anyone have a set of those speedvision headbolts he used to send for testing? i sent that set to a friend,he put it on his gt, torqued them on oem numbers... 2 months later, the head of one of the bolts was found broken...the car is now being rebuilt... if someone else has...
  13. Aga

    Making of an Ep71 Drag car (greece) enjoy
  14. Aga

    weight of bonnet and rear door?

    Does anybody know the weight of the oem bonnet and the rear door, along with glass? i'm thinking of making a carbon rear door, and stuffing one of the plastic rear screens for some weight loss. side windows too, but those things are damn expensive. so, anybody?
  15. Aga

    has anybody bought stuff off here? if yes, any info on their products? sounds too cheap to be good...
  16. Aga

    Athens tuning show 08

    Each year the show gets worse and worse. well , at least we didnt pay the entry fee :) they sell the intercooler kit for 650, same price as a greddy...
  17. Aga

    foreign members behavior

    okay, i'm pissed off. its the third sale on a part that i have been first in line and started negotiations to buy it, and sellers are just too bored to go to the post office and send the items to me, and they decide to sell it locally instead. IF YOU ARE BORED TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE...
  18. Aga

    Ep82 gauge pod

    I made a custom gauge pod for a friend, and when other guys saw it, they asked for the same thing. so i made a mold out of the original and started copying it. Most people took it to be covered in leather to blend in with the rest of the dash, and a mate asked if he could get it in carbon fiber...
  19. Aga

    vote for a respray!

    a friend's glanza is going in for a full respray. its got a 98 bodykit, with carbon front , side, rear spoilers and carbon S bonnet and rear wing. what would you choose as a color? 1. 350z blue 1 pink 2 smart gay blue (spaarkling!) 3 4. Yaris dark anthracite 4
  20. Aga

    urgent! ogura bearing

    hey ya guys. Those dumb bastards at rhdjapan managed to fuck up again. They sent me a toyota starlet turbo bearing instead of a replacement for the ogura 309 that i asked. the ogura bearing is 33mm thick, the toyota 24mm... thing is , i gotta put my car back together... can anyone on the forum...